The List

So I thought I'd follow Carla's example and make a list of projects I'm doing and want to do. I don't plan the small projects in advance much, but the big ones are planned years in advance, which is why I have to stop buying them



Fractal 360
Stitch Count
200W X 300H
18ct Black Aida
85 colours

Finished Size 11X17

RYO Mandala


Mill Hill Nativity Finished
Pillow Finished
Checkmate Mini Cushion - Finished
Magical ornaments  Finished
Mulan Finished
Stroke of Midnight Finished
Duck and Friends  baby thing - Finished
Hedwig baby thing Finished
Mill Hill Angel Finished
Dala Horse Ornament Finished
Secret Santa Ornament Finished
Penguin Card Finished
Other Secret Santa ornament Finished
RYO Mandala


Haida Frog - Finished
Tiny Teddy Bear Kit. Finished
Magical's Ornaments 3 Done
Twelfth Night Quote Finished
Halloween Sampler Finished
Secret Santa Ornament Finished
Stroke of Midnight


Dimensions Gold "Moonlight Cabin" kit Finished
Tractor Baby announcement for my nephews son Finished
Spring Bunny for Stitching Pirates Contest Finished
Game of Thrones Bookmarks Finished
Frog Biscornu because Carla told me to Finished 
Teeny tiny bird with card kit.  Finished
Futurecast Finished
Stroke of Midnight

The Big Ass Projects That Will Take Years.

Angel Of The Harvest

Stitch Count 
175W X 211H
28 Count Antique Ivory linen
41 Not counting blends, includes filaments
Finished Size 12 1/2X15


Stitch Count 325W X 441H
14 or 28ct I'll decide when I get there.
68 colours
Finished Size 23X31

The Lion King

Stitch Count 288W X 216H
Comes with 18ct, but might do 28ct cause I love it.
67 colours
Finished Size 18ct 16X12 28ct 20X15

Life is a Dance in The Rain

Stitch Count 250 X 301
25 or 28ct, haven't decided and won't need to for a while
61 colours
Finished size 24x27ish


Stitch Count 325x330
28ct or 25ct decision to be made in a couple years time
60 colours
Finished size 29" x 30"


Stitch Count 152 x 386

32 ct Silkweaver linen, have the material already, just need the time

36 colours including blended, plus a ton of beads

Finished size 8"x21"


Stitch count 450w X 678h S
25 ct probably
87 colours
Finished Size 18"x27

Waterfall Dragons

Stitch count 625 W x 781 H
25 ct probably
86 colours
Finished Size 25"x31"

Upstairs project (backup pieces)

Halloween SAL cat thing
The Lurking Sock Puppet, which might qualify as a BAP but I then I'd have to put it in the list above in order and then it would be 5 years before I get to it.
TW Stretch (may do 4 in a square pattern put the saying "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup" in the middle and then make it into a pillow
TW's 12 Days of Christmas
A Quaker Ball or an Amish Puzzle  Ball
Dimensions Gold "Morning Lake" kit 
TW Biscornu from one of the freebie patterns
Celtic Cross Kit
Lucy and Mr Tumnus
Teddy Bear Kit
Other Teddy Bear Kit.
Polar Bear Bead Kit
Mill Hill Wreath
Old thrift store find kit
TW Kit

And whatever else I can think of


  1. Your big projects intimidate me just a little :D

  2. After looking at all we have to do, I'm thinking our LION KING competition will be in 2016 :D Want to talk to the girls to see if that will be alright?