Friday, 25 July 2014

July SFS and Sundry

I had the thought originally that I would use July as my skip month for SFS and buy myself some fabric for my birthday, but then the invasion of company happened, and buying did not.  As a result I actually have another $0 total for the month.  Maybe I'll skip August and have some fun.
The massive amount of people in my house also curtailed IHSW, but it was the weekend for company with the hangout gals and none of us were really free. So it was the least productive IHSW since I started.
On the other hand I the company thing worked out better than I thought it would, the older teenagers were fascinating to the younger teenagers so they were all kept occupied, and the younger teenagers enjoy taking care of their baby brother so baby was occupied as well, which left me more time to visit with one of my favorite cousins. Also he baked bread for me, and we had a grand time cooking fajitas for the hungry hoards That being said I'm sure enjoying the quiet with only the two older boys still here. But I'll still take that alone day sometime next month and find a nice birthday present for myself.
Didn't get much stitching done this week, but there is progress on the cabin
And Cindy got a small amount of work done 
And what did I watch---- more than I thought I would

Tour De France - Almost over, only two days to go

Teen Wolf  S04 EP03-04

American Ninja Warrior  S? EP? - Caught this by accident and it was a lot of fun, recording the series now and will catch up after the race is over
Commonwealth Games.  It’s a sporty summer, but coverage sucks, only an hour recap at midnight.  Opening Ceremonies were awesome though
Rise of The Planet of the Apes.  My nephew wanted me to take him to the new one in theatres, so I had to watch this one first.  Really good
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Also really good. I grew up on the original Planet of the Apes movies, and the Burton one was kind of bad, so I resisted seeing Rise, glad my nephew talked me into it.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Bad Weekend for an Anti-Social Introvert & IHSW

Well anti-social might be pushing it, but definatly an introvert. remember  I said that my nephew and his friend are visiting, well now it turns out that my cousin and his kids are coming up for the weekend, Which means in addition to Mom, Dad, and I, we will have one extra adult, two sixteen year olds, two 13 year olds, and one baby.By the time this is over I'm going to need a day completely to myself,  which may mean a trip to Kelowna, where  a Micheal's lives, with birthday coupon in hand, there goes my SFS budget.
It's also IHSW hope I at least get something done.

I didn't actually stitch much at all this week, in fact I didn't even do enough on the cabin for a progress shot.  Cindy however did get in a few hours.
As for what I watched, it's simple this week
Tour  De France - They are in the Alps now, I love watching this race
From today's stage

This is the Col Du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees Mountains, they will be racing on this road next week, I always see this and really really really want to drive that road.
Witches of Eastend, S01 E01-E08 This showed up on Netflix so I decided to binge watch it again before getting to season 2

Friday, 11 July 2014

Drive in.

As I expected, the Tour de France has put a major dent in my stitching time.  Honestly it start anywhere between 2:30am to 5:00am depending on the day and usually ends between 8:30 and 9:00. I leave for work around 5:30, so I watch what I can, tape the rest and watch it after I get home.  I'm really loving the new PVR's at the moment. But I can't stitch and watch at the same time, I might miss something important.  Plus I have lots of hours this week and next, so early bedtime has to happen.

The other issue in stitching is, that my stitching room has been overtaken by aliens.  well maybe not aliens. My nephew and a friend of his are up for the next three weeks to visit and work on the orchard. But they stay in the room where I do most of my watching and stitching, so I have been relegated to the computer room.  But they are nice kids so I can adapt.  But that brings me to other exciting news.  I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we might be getting another free gift to go along with the new PVR, and we did!!!!!  A lovely new smart TV, that now resides in said room, I haven't even used it yet, but the kids are enjoying it.

Of course I have trained my nephew well and he's as big a nerd as me, so the first thing he did was find our what night I could take him to the drive-in.  Such fun, though my car is plainly not designed with the drive-in in mind.  Way to many annoying safety back ups, if the back gate is open, which is the nicest place to sit and watch the movie, the interior lights won't go off, this problem was solved with tinfoil and tape. Also, when the car decides you've used too much battery power, (which is barely any at all) it completely shuts off the radio, spent a few minutes trying to solve this problem (right when the whole explanation of the plot was going on, and then gave up.  There were enough people there that we were able to listen in on everyone else's radio.

So Cindy actually got quite a bit done, but most of it was in one night, go me! Room I've been kicked out of is also where I always take my progress shot, so had to move to a different location and lighting for the next month.

The Mountain Cabin didn't get much done at all, barely worth a progress shot, except to complain about the combination of blues been stitched on dark blue 18ct, owww my eyes.

As for what I watched
Merlin S05 E08-13 - Finished the series, and you know it’s good when the ending still upsets you, even though you are well versed in the legend and you know Arthur's going to die, and it still sucks that he does. But on the other hand, what a wonderful series.

Robotech - Random inbetween episode

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - I enjoyed it, why not go back especially to a drive in.Also, wouldn't this image make a great cross stitch pattern

Edge of Tomorrow, I really need to see this again as I kind of missed the scene that explained everything, but I really enjoyed what I saw.

21 Up - 3rd in the series.

Friday, 4 July 2014

It's Getting Hot Out There

To start, I hate heat, and it tends to make me cranky, and I work in a bakery in front of an oven, not a good spot to be this time of year.  What this leads to is a very frustrating week of work (for more reasons than the heat, just understand it was a bad week for me) that ended up leaving me in tears and thinking I don't need this job I should just quit.  Of course I do need the job so quitting didn't actually happen, but I felt better after having the thought, and a good cry.  After that the week got better and I got sort of more used to the heat, though I am still frustrated, nothing much I can do about it without shooting myself in the foot
On the other hand I did get a lot of stitching done, especially on Cindy, don't know what it was, but man it went well. Which is good since I'll probably slow to a screeching halt starting tomorrow.  That's right, it's the start of the Tour de France which I love to watch, it started because of the scenery, but now I love the competition as well.  Usually the places I want to travel to most are Antarctic, Ireland and Iceland, but for the next month it will be France, as I watch the race I just want to drive those roads, it looks like such fun.
I also got started on the Cabin, not much done, but it is a start.

And Cindy, well she just flowed

As for what I watched

Robotech: The Macross Saga E26-E36. That ends the Macross Saga, still as good as I remember Also started watching the extras that came with it.

Teen Wolf S04-E02

Merlin S05 E01- E07 On to the final season

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - I loved it as much as the first, which is lots and lots.  Though I never have figured out why the Viking have Scottish accents.

Batman: Under the Red Hood - This is a movie from the masterpiece animated series, I bought it sight unseen since it had Jensen Ackles as the voice of the Red
Hood, and it was Batman, that was good enough for me.

Batman: The Animated Series - Robin’s Reckoning.  The box of Under the Red Hood said it included a couple eps of the series, imagine my delight when it was these eps.  My favorite ones of the series.

Beauty Shop  - This one is worth it for Kevin Bacon alone, but it would
still be a fun movie without him.