Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, whatever you celebrate, I hope you had a great holiday.  It’s always a busy work week for me, and them my sister and her family came down, so we have five extra people in the house, not a conducive environment for stitching. I did manage to get the lovely Moonlit Cabin done though, full description on dA

Christmas was fun, no stitching gifts but I did get a Doctor Who mug and necklace, and a photo book by the amazing Chris Hadfield.
Christmas supper was great, Mom cooked the turkey that my sister brought (23lbs!!!!) and I made dessert, a chocolate raspberry trifle

I did mange to get some stitching done on Cindy,
And to start the Haida Frog.

As for what I watched,

The Kittens of Oz - Cuteness abounds 

Table Top - Season 3, I want all the games. 

Love, Actually - Decided I needed to watch this Christmas Day, my computer tried to argue with that, but I won.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Final SFS and Santas

It’s the final month for SFS and I have to say that I’ve loved this challenge, so I’ve already signed up for next year, and can’t wait to start, in the interim I do plan to subscribe to Silk Weaver’s Fabric of the Month Club, but still have not decided which one I want to get. It is also IHSW but being Christmas season, of course I have to work most of it, will try and sneak some stitching in, and I should have Cabin finished by Monday so I’ll do a stitching update then.
But back to SFS, this month I spent a grand total of NOTHING, which I think is a good way to end off the challenge. So if I added right I spent $101 this year minus the one $50 bonus I took advantage off, I’m quite happy with this result.
Today itself was all about the Secret Santa’s, I received my pretty ornament from the Pirates Santa and a gorgeous pattern from the Unconventional Cross
Stitch Santa.

As for what I watched,
America’s Next Top Model E3-5 It’s a guilty pleasure

A History of Celtic Britain  - More Neil Oliver wonderfulness

The Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies.  - Twas a satisfying  conclusion to the trilogy, can’t wait to watch all 6 in order, and I did go opening night, for all six, my record is intact.

The Kittens of Oz - Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sunday, 14 December 2014


I was supposed to finish two things by Friday, here it is Sunday and just finished Futurecast. I didn't seem to be that busy but first there was work and it’s winter so Mom and Dad are arranging their appointments on my days off so I can drive them, so more sitting in the car and less stitching. My tendency towards large project means that I never got in the habit of bringing it with me.
So here is Pitaya, all pink and sparkly, more so than the pattern called for,  I used a white krenick metallic for the tail, crest and crystal ball, and this cool black/silver krenick for the wings.  I also used some blending filament in the yellow area of the wings just to add a little extra shine. I even had a “what the hell was I thinking” moment when I decided that everyone uses beads where there is supposed to be French knots, so why don’t I do French knots (which may be colonial knots) instead of beads in the border.
 So now it will be back to Cindy, and I've only got backstitching left on the Cabin, so it should be finished by next week.

But I did get stuff watched.
Sleepy Hollow S02 E11-12 And I’ve caught up

Constantine S01 E03-06 And caught up here as well

America’s Next Top Model - S? E1-2This was a guilty pleasure obsession a few years ago and then it got a little to campy and too many sob stories, so I gave up on it.  But now that I have the fancy PVR I decided to record the season and watch again.

The Kittens of Oz - soooooooo cute. And they are getting big. And playful

The Librarians S01 E01-02 I’ve really been looking forward to this one, since it’s a TNT show a channel we don’t get here, I thought I’d have to download it. But a chance remark led me to check not 10 minutes before it started and low and behold, the Space channel was carrying it, lucky me.

Mockingjay Part 1 These follow the books surprisingly well, which of course
means it’s massively depressing, in a good way.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Can’t have Christmas without it. Cause Bumbles Bounce

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Great special effect, but in no way convinced me to enjoy Christian Bale as an actor, however it was much better that last years Noah, but didn’t have the heart of Prince of Egypt. Also they criminally underused Ben Kingsly.

Friday, 5 December 2014

How did it get to be Friday again

I had hoped to get a finish this week and it’s still possible but unlikely, next week however definitely one, possibly two and then I can get back to Cindy, who is having a nice little break. I now have my work schedule up to the beginning of the year, I’m going to be busy, but the paycheck will be nice, nice enough that I might even splurge on the new computer I need. Though I’ll probably wait for my holiday pay in March. If this computer survives that long.  The other new this week was getting my GISHWHES book and finding that I not only got a picture in it. But a full page pic YAY
While Cindy was ignored, the Cabin was not, just 2 more colours and some backstitching.
Futurecast, now named Pitaya (thanks Carla) is also
almost done, just a few stitches then a bunch of metallic and beading and backstitching,

Watched a lot of the kitten cam
Supernatural S10 E07- Hahahahahhahahaha

A Christmas Carol - As I said, Mom has a ton of these, this time it was the Patrick Stewart version, the man has a wonderful voice

The Santa Clause - Such a classic, number two coming next week I’m sure

Pitch Perfect - I missed this one in theatres, which was annoying as this is my type of movie, and have been waiting impatiently for it to show up on Netflix, it finally did and I loved it as much as I thought I would.