Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, whatever you celebrate, I hope you had a great holiday.  It’s always a busy work week for me, and them my sister and her family came down, so we have five extra people in the house, not a conducive environment for stitching. I did manage to get the lovely Moonlit Cabin done though, full description on dA

Christmas was fun, no stitching gifts but I did get a Doctor Who mug and necklace, and a photo book by the amazing Chris Hadfield.
Christmas supper was great, Mom cooked the turkey that my sister brought (23lbs!!!!) and I made dessert, a chocolate raspberry trifle

I did mange to get some stitching done on Cindy,
And to start the Haida Frog.

As for what I watched,

The Kittens of Oz - Cuteness abounds 

Table Top - Season 3, I want all the games. 

Love, Actually - Decided I needed to watch this Christmas Day, my computer tried to argue with that, but I won.


  1. I love the Cabin, congrats on the finish; and I'm glad you had a fun christmas. Now on to lots of progress on Cindy!

  2. Two pages left on Cindy!! Seriously, the cabin looks awesome on that navy blue fabric, excellent choice :D I don't think I've watched Love Actually, so might have to give that a peek sometime soon.

    1. It's on my Netflix, it's cute fluff, but enjoyable. Yes two pages and then probably a month worth of backstitching.