Thursday, 30 November 2017

Ornament Time

I'll let you in on a secret, I love making Christmas ornaments, and this year I decided to lay down Fractal for November and December and just make fun Christmas stuff.  I fell like I've put aside Fractal a lot compared to most of my big pieces I'm not sure why, but I doubt it will continue. I will finish it next year I am sure.

The first ornaments I made were from a pattern I made last year.  I had wanted to make a Dala Horse for my father whose parents were from Sweden, and we have several of the little wooden horses around the house.  I had looked for patterns and found nothing that was right so made one myself and Dad loved it.  So this year I decided to make one for each of my siblings.  Here is where I oops a bit, I gave my brother his just after I finished and therefore the only picture I have of them is this little stampede of all three.  The one with blue was last years one for Dad.

My friend Pinky  has a monthly feature on her Deviant Art page and this month she was asking for cottages, I missed finishing this little thing by a day but it's still cute and my favourite use of variegated fabrics that I've done, this will probably be finished up and used for the Stitching Pirates Ornament Exchange, unless I whip up something else in the next 4 days. The pattern is from the Just Cross Stitch 2008 Christmas Ornament issue, which is perhaps my most used magazine to date, and the ornament is 3x3" and used 7 colours.

This is also a WIPopacalyse blog and this months question is

What finishing style have you never tried but would love to do?

I have tried a lot of things, making pillows is my favourite. I have never done a full quilting type finish which would be fun to try, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to that.

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina 

Saga’s of Sundry - Madness - This really is the best thing on “TV” this year

Stranger Things 2 - S02 E01-09 -  Though this does come close,

Murder on the Orient Express - I know I’ve seen other versions of this, I knew who the murderer was but it’s been a long time and I didn’t remember why, and this spun the tale marvellously. Also the scenery was amazing.

Thor:  Ragnarok - I didn’t actually see the last Thor movie, but the trailers ofthis one were so good I couldn’t resist, which was smart of me as this was awesome

Flatliners - This was always a favorite or mine, and what a cast it has, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, Oliver Platt,  Keifer Southerland, so great.  Basically a group of medical students decide to kill themselves briefly to find out the secrets to death, instead there sins come back to haunt them.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Beginning of Everything

I'm only a week late for the WIPocalypse, But I had a busy weekend last week so this is as close as it gets.
The November question is How did you begin stitching?
This is a two part answer, first, I went to Micheals with some friends one day, and one of the group was a stitcher, so off we went to the stitching section where I saw the kit for Magnificent Wizard and fell in love, mind you it was around $60 and I had no knowledge of the craft and I'm not insane, so I just admired and forgot about it.  Fast forward a few years and I'm in a job with a lot of free time, I was bringing puzzle books to work on, but one of my co-workers brought knitting and I thought doing a craft at work was a great idea. At the time I did a lot of painting, which wasn't really that portable, or practical for a photo lab.  I remembered that amazing pattern, but was smart enough not to start there, but still I went and bought a " How to Cross Stitch" kit and never looked back,  I did eventually get to do my wonderful Wizard too.

It's November now which means I'll be going nuts doing ornaments for the next couple months.  Already got one finished, a lovely little Mill Hill kit.

But I haven't left behind Fractal, I'm partway through page 10 now

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina  - The Vox Machina campaign is over, so until the start of the year everyone is taking turns at being DM and are having so much hilarious fun.

Geostorm - This one will come as no surprise to anyone, I go to all disaster movies, and it was a fun ride as disaster movies should be.

Skate Canada - Yay, figure skating season has begun

Sunday, 22 October 2017


I have actually finished things and forgot to blog about it, but first I finished pages 13 and 17 on the fractal.  The bottom page (17) has very little on stitching so it became part of page 13 by default.

I also finished the Halloween Cat by Satsuma Street for Carla and Leo's Halloween Stitch Along
This was such a fun pattern and then I decided to do metallics for all sorts of things on it.  I AM INSANE!,  But it looks really cool

As for what I watched

Critical Role - The Vox Machina campaign is over and it was 450 hours of amazing.  Now we get a few months of one shots and a new campaign starting in the new year.

Game the Game and Talks Machina

The Frog Prince - The muppets version, which is by far the best
version out there

Feet of Flames - Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance from Hyde Park, I adore all thing Irish dance and music. And this is just one of the many I have

The Kids of Fame - I loved the TV series Fame as a kid, and this is a concert from around the second season, I’m so happy I randomly found this one day as , while this was shown on the TV                                       show it is not included on the DVD set I have.

Magic Mike XXL - Joe Manganiella was on Critical Role recently and Carla reminded me that he was on Magic Mike which reminded me I hadn’t watched XXL yet, so I did. I do love watching Channing Tatum dance.

Blade Runner 2049 - A worthy sequal, kept the same style quite well and had some expected and unexpected twists.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's WIPocalypse, September chapter

I thought I still had a week to do this and was actually thinking of doing a mid quick blog before the Wipocalypse happened, but I failed at that miserably as I am unable to read a calendar properly. Which means I have a bunch of stuff to report on, beware this will be photo heavy

First though, the question of the month: Which floss (or color of floss) do you absolutely adore and want to stash constantly?
I'm not to picky on type of floss as long as it is good quality, I love the look of metallics even though I hate working with them, and variegated colours are such fun.  So I suppose I'm more of a colour hoarder, blues and green, and especially teals out number everything, though I do love anything vibrant.

This has being a busy month for me, the fair is always an important part of my life, I am an convener for the fruit division, which means I take in and organize all the entries and make my division look pretty, It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, I work with the Vegetable convener a lot as we share table space.
I also enter stuff as well, usually some photography, which unfortunately I didn't win anything on this year and of course I enter cross stitching,  five pieces this year which is probably a record for me.  And I did awesome, I won 2nd with my Canada 150 pillow int he cushion category, third with my little Dala horse for the original design category.  I won second with Vimy Ridge in the Sampler category AND it also won for most patriotic stitching which is a special $50 prize this year only, to celebrate Canada 150,
Also I finally won the BIG prize, best Best Picture Overall in Needlework with Mulan which is a framing gift certificate worth $75, I've been chasing this prize for years and am insanely happy that I won it.

I took the 10 days off  work so I could work the fair, it makes my life so much easier to do that and since I had that time off I grabbed my parents the day after the fair and we went for a drive to Yoho park, the home of my favorite waterfall, it's a long day but so worth it, and I got some amazing pictures.

But I also got stitching done, I am almost finished the adorable Halloween Cat for Carla and Leonore's SAL
I also started a little Christmas ornament, but I don't have pics of that yet, as there is nothing really to see

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina

Shadowhunters S02 13-20 I really enjoy how they adapted this series, looking forward to season 3

Moana - I know I’m a year late on this, but I finally watched it and it is so

IT - I’m not much one for horror movies, but due to a high school friendship, I have a deep emotional attachment to IT, and this movie was definitely  worth seeing, can’t wait for part 2

Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Real August WIPopacalypse

I never noticed until now that I mistitled last month WIPopacalyse as August and not July.  Maybe that explains why the summer went to fast.
So the question of the month is
"How do you get yourself out of a stitching drought?"   For me this is usually as simple as changing what I watch. I'll often wait out a drought though, they have never lasted long with me.

August has been to hot and smokey to be very ambitious with anything other than hide in the basement stitching,  I did have GISHWHES of which it has been announced that this is the final year, I am so glad I got to compete in all the years, I have made some great friends and done some amazingly fun stuff thanks to this insane scavenger hunt. See what it is here.

I didn't do a lot of items this time round but I was particulary proud of this one,

Your strict neighborhood HOA (Homeowners’ Association) got replaced by a better HOA: the Hopeful Optimist’s Association. They’ve decided that your lawn isn’t quite up to regulations. Get your front yard up to snuff by building a large-scale, jaw-dropping sculpture or structure dedicated to Hope. Make it so magnificent that motorists backup & park to gaze at its beauty. (Conversely, it could be that YOUR neighborhood HOA got replaced by the Horrible Organization for Awfulness... You get where we're going with this, right?)

I call this " HOPE - Some Assembly Required"

In the last month I finished the birth thingy for my neice, now I just have to get it to her. Preferably before her daughter's first birthday

Also got more done on Fractal
though it has been put aside a little as I work on the Halloween Cat for Carla and Leo's SAL, so much metallic, why do I do that to myself.

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina

Battlestar Galactica E01-07  I remember watching this as a kid, in fact it was the first show I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime for. Good sci-fi was always very important in my family

The Defenders S01  - all of it, binge watched this as I had to, and it was good,

Shadowhunters S02 E11-13 They did a really good job on this series, it has gone way off the book but they have kept it really interesting.

Twister - This is the perfect disaster movie, It has a decent story, it has tension it has humor it has multiple Oscar winners and is just superior in all ways.  I also see-saw back and forth on whether this or Volcano is my favourite and I think this one edges it out, just,

Fantastic Voyage - 1960’s sci-fi about shrinking a team of doctors so they can enter a man’s bloodstream to operate on his brain from the inside.  Really well done, but the strange thing I noticed, there is no music until the enter the bloodstream, no music at all for the first half hour or so.

Finian’s Rainbow - Fred Astair’s last musical, while I utterly adore it, this is a really strange movie, it starts with a man stealing the leprechauns pot of gold and moves into sharecropping tobacco that won’t burn, racism and burning witches. And it’s a comedy.

Death Note - The Netflix movie - Based on the anime, but highly Americanized much to it’s detriment. It went from being a twisty noir thriller in the anime to a  teenage angst drama in the movie.

Monday, 31 July 2017

August WIPocalypse

It's been a non productive month for me, partly because of the usual month of Tour de France, the scenery is just to pretty to stitch through.  But even more than that, at the beginning of the month I seized my pelvis (don't quite know how but oooooouch.) and couldn't sit, or really move at all, even had to use a cane for a couple days.  I got it fixed up fairly quickly, thank you chiropractor, but the actual ache took a while to go away, and I really couldn't sit in a position that was comfortable for stitching, that cost me about two weeks.
Then these last two weeks my nephew and one of his room mates was staying with us as they had been evacuated from William's Lake due to the fires. Of course this meant that I lost my movie watching TV for the duration, the plus was their company,
So now everything is back to normal, and I even have a few days off for a staycation,

The other notable this month was my birthday.  As my parents had both a wedding and a funeral to go to that day, I had the day to myself and I took advantage of it and went on a drive. I had a great day at Mt. Revelstoke National park.

As for WIPocalypse, the question of the month is.

What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?  This is a simple one for me, my oldest is the fractal, of which I finished another page since last check in, and am close to finishing another one, as stated before most of the pages aren't full.

The newest is the baby announcent thingy for my neice, and I'm almost finished, should be done before the end of the week.  And then I think I will start the Leo and Carla's Halloween SAL a little early.

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

Tour de France - This is why my stitching stalls in July, too much pretty scenery

Salvation  S01 E01 It’s a disaster TV series of course I’d watch it.

Valerian: City of a Thousand Planets - I was after a light fun sci fi movie and this really delivered.

Eclipse - Both book and movie, this is my favourite of the Twilight series, more than any of the others this one goes into the backstory of the rest of the Cullens, also it has  a better villian with a more satisfying fight as well

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 - I didn’t have the final two movies for a long time, but then I found a two pack for 5 dollars and my need to complete sets kicked in. This one isn’t the best or the worst of the series, it just kind of exists. On a side note this has a connection to the collapse of a life long friendship, maybe that’s why I resisted getting it.

Breaking Dawn: Park 2 - This was my first watch of the movie, unlike the other 4 I didn’t see this one in theatres, and wow is it a lot better than I expected, Bella is much more fun as a vampire which I do remember from the book, but they told this one well. and the other vampires were interesting.