Sunday, 24 April 2016

April WIPocalypse

It is once again time for WIPocalypse and this month’s question is

What do you listen to while stitching?

Movies, TV, Web series, you name it. I watch it while stitching, unless it‘s subtitled, can‘t stitch while reading unfortunately., and the Movie Project documents it all.

We had a IHSW hangout last week and it was so amazing as all 6 of us were actually all on AT THE SAME TIME we’ve never managed to do that before, as a result I got a lot done on Mulan this week,
and I have started a little Mill Hill nativity, the first time I’ve worked on paper, it’s kind of cool

As for what I watched.

Critical Role Role - 50TH EPISODE

Supernatural  S11 E17-18 Finally caught up again

The Librarians - S01 E01-08 Since I caught up to Supernatrual I figured either Doctor Who or the Librarians were next, The Librarians won and I decided to rewatch the first season as well.

Titan’s Grave - Rewatch complete ready for next season now

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog - This is what happens when really creative people get bored. I find it amusing  that you can buy the DVD despite the fact that it’s always been free online, and we all do because it's so fun.

Dune - This film from 1984 is a perfect example of style over substance, it is a truly beautiful movie and even 30 years later the special effects hold up well. But for such a dense source material the story is missing.  They got such a host of brilliant actors and then gave them nothing to work with. The dialogue is stilted and repetitive.  I didn’t buy this movie it was a gift, but worth the watch just to see how pretty it is.

And this completes the letter D.  Now onto U.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Final Ornaments

I finally finished the Magical Ornaments project, mostly because of curling, it’s really easy to stitch through.  I only did one of each month not all the extras ones though they may get done as biscornus or gifts when I need them as they are all so pretty.  I had originally thought of using them as stocking gifts for Christmas, but my mother has fallen for them and insists that all 12 need to be on our Christmas tree next year.
October November and December
Ready to be finished
All together

Mulan is still going strong as well. I also have a super secret project on the go, but it is likely to remain a secret so forget you ever read this.

As for what I watched.

Critical Role - Not live unfortunately the last couple weeks, early start time for work got in the way

Titansgrave - rewatch!!!!! This was my gateway drug to Critical Role

Men’s World curling Championships - YAY CANANDA

Supernatural - S11 E13-16  Catching up on my boys, can’t believe I go so far behind. 

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood -  I don’t usually go for the “My mother ruined my life” melodramas, but this one has Sandra Bullock and Maggie Smith in it, And just the right amount of humour as well. 

Doom - Based on the game, which should just make it silly, but in truth there is a pretty good sci-fi story amongst all the violence. And honestly you can’t go too wrong when you have both The Rock and Karl Urban

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Another Finish

March was very good to me finish wise, and I have one more to add to it, Finished the Duck and Friends baby thing on March 31st, it is now all framed up and ready to go.
I have also found the perfect design for my other nephew's new baby on the way.
Also have a good bunch done on Mulan the last couple weeks,

As for what I watched

Critical Role

Table Top

Shadowhunters S01 E10-11

Women’s & Men’s World Curling Championships

World's Figure Skating Championship

Insurgent - I think a lot was changed from the book but it’s been a couple years since I read it.

Allegiant - I know I lot was changed from this book, so much so I wonder where the next movie is going to go, but it was done in such a way that I’m really looking forward to finding out.