Sunday, 24 April 2016

April WIPocalypse

It is once again time for WIPocalypse and this month’s question is

What do you listen to while stitching?

Movies, TV, Web series, you name it. I watch it while stitching, unless it‘s subtitled, can‘t stitch while reading unfortunately., and the Movie Project documents it all.

We had a IHSW hangout last week and it was so amazing as all 6 of us were actually all on AT THE SAME TIME we’ve never managed to do that before, as a result I got a lot done on Mulan this week,
and I have started a little Mill Hill nativity, the first time I’ve worked on paper, it’s kind of cool

As for what I watched.

Critical Role Role - 50TH EPISODE

Supernatural  S11 E17-18 Finally caught up again

The Librarians - S01 E01-08 Since I caught up to Supernatrual I figured either Doctor Who or the Librarians were next, The Librarians won and I decided to rewatch the first season as well.

Titan’s Grave - Rewatch complete ready for next season now

Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog - This is what happens when really creative people get bored. I find it amusing  that you can buy the DVD despite the fact that it’s always been free online, and we all do because it's so fun.

Dune - This film from 1984 is a perfect example of style over substance, it is a truly beautiful movie and even 30 years later the special effects hold up well. But for such a dense source material the story is missing.  They got such a host of brilliant actors and then gave them nothing to work with. The dialogue is stilted and repetitive.  I didn’t buy this movie it was a gift, but worth the watch just to see how pretty it is.

And this completes the letter D.  Now onto U.


  1. Mulan is looking awesome, and less zombie-ish each time I see her :) It was fun having us all together in IHSW, I don't think I've participated in a hangout for that long before :D

  2. I shudder at the thought of DUNE

    1. But it's pretty! The mini series from a couple years ago was much better.