Sunday, 8 May 2016

Quick Update

This is just a quick update as nothing much has been happening, The only new thing is I joined a craft challenge on Tumblr that is called 30 for 30 crafting, Essentially promise to do your craft for at least half an hour a day and post daily progress shots. It's been fun, My Tumblr
So here is the progress on Mulan
And the Nativity
As for what I watched

The Librarians - End of Season one and All of Season two - Caught up now, but watching this always makes me want to binge watch Leverage
Critical Role - Over three hours of just combat this week, it was very stressful.
Geek and Sundry 24 hour charity stream on Table top day - Couldn’t watch most of this as it streamed due to work so watching the VOD instead

Star Wars - It was May the forth so Mom put this in, the original, like on VHS that she bought over 20 years ago, probably should replace this but don’t want all the updates, can’t we just enjoy it as is should be (Han shot first)


  1. Is The Librarians good? We started watching it but couldn't quite get into it (and I usually love this sort of stuff),maybe I should try again. Great progress on Mulan and the nativity.

  2. Mulan is looking great, and you're making very nice progress on her as well!