Friday, 31 January 2014

I broke my thumb

Well not actually, broke as in not working properly, I did nothing to the bones, it just doesn't want to bend, and once it does bend, it doesn't want to unbend. And I think stitching was to blame, it started in earnest during the IHSW when I had 5 days off. So I decided to ease off a bit this week, to do this, I watched a subtitled movie. And as I have hit the "A's" in my movie queue I have a couple more subtitled movies to watch soon, this is the only concession I'm making,

So despite that, I did get a lot done this week, and am just starting 4 in a row off work.  Cindy is coming along beautifully, I'm loving it more everyday

And I finished Greyjoy and have moved on the the black fabric and Targaryen (Yay dragons)

I had hopes of getting out to take pictures this week, but we had fog...all week...and not the pretty frosty fog either, just horrible socked in fog.  Until today, when the sun came out and it was spectacularly gorgeous when I got off work, so I went straight down to the wharf, only to find that my batteries in my back up camera (the one I had with me) hated the cold and were dead. one I think permanently. I mean really, it's only 10years old or so. So here's a pic of the wharf from a few years ago so you can know what I missed.

The West Wing Season 3 Ep 1-11 Includes the very tastefully done tribute to 9-11

The Legend of Zorro - Not as good as the first but still a fun romp

Singing in the Rain - Another one that my parents were watching so I had to watch too, I adore Gene Kelly, along with Howard Keel, he’s one of my all time favorite actors, obviously I’m a big fan of musicals.

White Collar s05 ep11 Can’t wait to see what happens in the season finale

Teen Wolf s03ep15 Gotta love an insane Stiles

I. Frankenstein.  - (in theatre) A good cheap night show. Typical comic book storyline, but with a well thought out mythology.

Zathura : A Space Adventure - I love this one, it’s got the exact same premise as Jumanji, but I’ve always preferred Zathura. I guess I just like the Sci-Fi aspect better. And as a bonus, Kristian Stewart actually plays more than one emotion, but this was before Twilight when she was still a good up an coming actress , Also starts a young Josh Hutcherson

Aladdin - I love Disney, this isn’t one of my favorite favorites, never been fond of
stunt casting , but Disney does it so rarely in it’s animated shows that I will forgive them, and admittedly Robin Williams did make an awesome genie.

Supernatural  - S09E12 - Sharp Teeth - I love Garth

The Girl Who Played With Fire - The subtitled movie to save my thumb,
these are so well made, but a tad brutal, though not quite so much as the first. And I have not managed to learn any Swedish, which is disappointing.

Also, you must watch this!!!!!!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Stitch From Stash - January

The first month for SFS is over and I had grand plans to spend nothing.  After all I have two projects on the go, one biggish, and one monstrous, and I already had all my supplies - I thought.!!! But then I hit a the craft section at Walmart (which is fairly pathetic, but still) and found the stitcky sided felt that I really need for finishing the bookmarks.  And then I found eyelet which would make the bookmarks coole. oops.
And then once again it was the bookmarks fault.  Stark went and used up all the grey that I needed for Cindy,  so floss shopping I had to go.  But I didn't get anywhere near the budget so all was well, I was just really hoping for a zero.

Eyelets for bookmarks     $2.00
Felt for bookmarks          $3.97
Floss  - DMC 414, 415        $1.70
Total                              $7.67

Had to go back to work on Tuesday so stitching was slower these last few days. Greyjoy is a really fast one though so got a lot done, And Cindy is trucking along, got most of the quarter stitches on this page done now. Next week is going to be an on again off again week, have Monday, Wednesday and Friday off, which is tiring, so napping might win out on stitching, and if the weather is nice, I'm going out to take pictures, I haven't done that in way to long. 

This weeks watching includes Jeopardy, Tabletop and

The West Wing S02 Ep 17- 22 And this ends season 2, and the finale of this season was “Two Cathedrals” one of my favorite episodes of television ever.

Sleepy Hollow S01 Ep 11-13 Such a great show, next season doesn’t start until fall, that’s way to far away, hopefully season 1 will be on sale soon, it’s a must buy.

Teen Wolf S03 Ep14 - 15. 3B is an entertaining season 

White Collar Ep10.  It’s been a good so far I’m going to hate to see the season end 

The Mask of Zorro Movie and Directors Commentary & The Legend of Zorro - Commentary only 
The commentary on this one is really good, I’m amused by hearing Catherine Zeta-Jones been called an unknown.  But I really liked his comments on action movies, he says something along the lines of - action needs to be broken up by character development and humor otherwise all it is is slash bang boom which gets very boring - This is why I always fall asleep during Transformer movies. 

How I Met Your Mother  - somewhere in the 1st season.  I don’t particularly care for sitcoms, but thanks to Netflix I keep coming back to this one,  Maybe it’s just because I’m such a fan of Alyson Hannigan. 

Supernatural - S09 First Born - Holy crap was this a good episode. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January IHSW

A quick midweek post to show how my IHSW went, as I had a five day weekend, it went amazingly well. I finished Stark, and got a good start on Greyjoy. Colour doesn't show up well in this pic, will tweek the final one better

Carla's saturday hangout was great fun as always, though I was fighting a bit with the quarter stitches on Cindy.  There are hoards of them and they were trying to lay waste to me. Seriously, they are three rows deep on the arches, on BOTH sides. I usually love varieties of stitches but I didn't find the rhythm of those quarters until Sunday, since then it has be great.  There were some technical glitches with the hangout, I didn't realize my mic had turned itself off until my cat knocked over my box of floss, scattering it everywhere. That's when I realized no one could hear me which was good because some Spartacus level swearing happened.

Friday, 17 January 2014


It's week two of very little work hours, and it's been fun, in fact this weekend I have 5 days of in a row, just in time for IHSW. And I'm going to make the most of it, including hanging out online with Carla and anyone else that shows up, Family has been warned, I am not to be dragged anywhere as a chauffeur at all.  My regular weekend lunch date is even out of town, so I am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stitching this week was very productive. The year of TW project is going faster than expected, if I keep up this pace I'll have it ready for Fall Fair, not what I was planning, was going to use The Butterfly for fair this year and Stroke of Midnight (hereafter called Cindy) in 2015, if I finish in time I'll have to figure out a way to enter both.

The bookmarks also went well, almost finished Stark, maybe even later tonight.  However they made me buy things, I was hoping to get away with buying nothing this month, therefore starting of Stitch For Stash with a bang, but instead I found the perfect sticky sided felt for the backing and even some tiny grommets to make the fabric safer for the hanger thingees, it's also going to make me buy some more thread as it used a hoard of 415, which is also in heavy use in Cindy

As for what I watched this week, well as I said, not a lot of work hours.  The week started with the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, and it looks like we're sending a great team to the Olympics, which is a massive obsession of mine, seriously, there will be no other "what I watched" during those two weeks.

Table Top,  who knew that watching other people play board games would be so much fun.

Teen Wolf  S03e13 This show started off fairly lighthearted and fun, and now it’s very dark, broody and good, even if it has plot holes a mile deep.

2010 The Year We Make Contact  - I remember being a bit in awe of this movie when it came out in ‘84, partly because I was only went because I had nothing else to do that night and my brother was going. 2001 bored me, except for the phenomenal music, so I wasn’t expecting much from this one. Instead it became and still is a favorite.  Part of the interest 30 years later is how the world of 4 years ago is portrayed, life turned out so different, this is such a cold war movie, but one that provided hope.

The Witches of East End - S01 Ep 07-10  A seemingly direct rip-off of Charmed, but I like Charmed so a good sister witches show is welcome,

Sherlock S03e03 And now one again, we wait.

The Pirates of Penzance, I love a good musical. Not part of my movie queue, Mom put this in after Jeopardy so I had to stay and watch it.

2012 - DISASTER MOVIE ALERT - I love disaster movies, even horribly bad ones, this one is kind of middle ground, it was inevitable that a 2012 one be made so it was nice to get big budget special effects. But at 2 ½ hours,  it was about  half and hour too long, there were at least three really unnecessary story lines, but much was destroyed so I was happy.

The West Wing S02 Ep 9-16

And of course Supernatural came off hiatus this week, one of the few show I watch when it actually airs. I love this show to possibly an unhealthy degree, you don't even want to know the amount of money I've spent because of Supernatural

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Catching up

The co-worker on medical leave is now back to work, which means my hours are drastically reduce, I will enjoy this for about two weeks before I'll start begging for hours again.  Which means that I have spent this week catching up on shows. So lots and lots of stuff I watched. and quite a bit of stitching as well.
I'm putting this up a day early because tomorrow the Canadian Figure Skating Championships start and I will be spending all day Friday and Saturday watching them, no time for blogging, watching West Wing, or even that much stitching, but I will be very, very, happy.

So as the year of Teresa Wentzler moves on, I have got quite a bit done on this week, it's to big to drag from the living room to the computer room, so it really only gets worked on while watching DVD's not downloads, yes I don't have one of those fancy TV, BlueRay what have you things that have umpteen watching options, it's cable, DVD or VHS only in that room.

On the other hand the bookmarks are very movable, so they are both my Jeopardy watching piece and the one for in front of the computer so on a week like this where I'm catching up on series, I got a lot done. I finished Tully and have started on Stark, 4 1/2 down 41/2 to go.

So this week, my viewing goes something like this
The West Wing Season 2 Ep 1 - 8

The 10th Kingdom, this show was a lot of fun,
glad I bought it for a ridiculously cheap price.

                                          Sherlock Season 3 Ep 1  I'm not as massive a fan  as some of my friends, or half the internet, but it's still a wonderful show.

White Collar Season 5 Ep 7-9
I love this show, to catch a thief type

shows are a personal favorite,

I loved Remington Steele and Leverage as well

                                Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Ep 7-10 This is a new favorite, has a lot of similarities to Supernatural without being a complete ripoff, In my head they take place in the same world and just haven't met yet

My movie queue didn't go as planned this week, unless I spell Twelfth Night, as 12th Night, then it works.But January 6th is twelfth night, so Shakespeare must be watched, it's the law. In my head, And it's staying that way since this is my favorite play

Yesterday, I watched nearly 6 hours worth of The Hobbit.
The Unexpected Journey in the afternoon, and then went to
Desolation of Smaug at the theatre

Friday, 3 January 2014

2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler

Well welcome to the new year, so far it's been pretty good. I finished the super secret project and sent it on it's way to it's new home, will post pic once it gets there. Also got work done on the bookmark
But now for the important part,

It is now  2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler
If I remember semi correctly this idea came up months ago in a random conversation with Carla.  We were congratulating ourselves in keeping with the promises we vowed for 2013, hers to organize and work on leaflets that she had been collecting for years, and myself to word on smaller projects as well as my BIG ones, Cause I love a Big Ass Project.   We were thinking about what plans we would have for 2014 and of course I already knew I'd be spending most of the year working on Stroke of Midnight, so we came up with the Year of Teresa Wentzler, I took a head start as I was ready to begin at the end of November, but since this piece will probably take me all year I didn't think it was cheating.  I love Teresa's notes on this one
This piece is BIG. Add to that the blended floss colors, the usual quota of fractional stitches, and a fairly large over-one area and this piece becomes a true stitching marathon! For the experienced stitcher who is accustomed to complex designs, it shouldn't pose any problems, but it is definitely not a piece for beginners.
Good thing I like big projects, this is where I am right now.

I have a couple other random resolutions in place for this year.
1) I joined Stitch from Stash and will try to keep my spending to $25 a month, but since I already have everything I need for Cinderella I should be able to manage this.
2) and this is the strange one, after rearranging my shelves due to making St. Peter's Basilica  out of books,  I realized how many of my DVD's I hadn't watched in years, so I'm going to watch all the movies I own (not downloaded) in alphebetical order, sort of.  I will be watching a disc of a TV series - West Wing- at the moment and then a movie then the TV show, starting with #'s then Z's. then A's then Y's etc, should take me at least a year, I,  again have already started this and have gotten, well, no where really I'm still in the #'s
So without further ado, what I have watched this week.

The West Wing, finished season 1

The 10th Kingdom, a great miniseries that I bought sight unseen from Amazon to up my order to get free shipping, I'm loving this show, only one episode left, and it has the most wonderful opening sequence.

Also went to see Frozen finally, been trying all month but finally got to the matinee on the last day it was showing in our theatre (remind me to dedicate a blog to the theatre, it deserves one)
Well I loved Frozen so much I went back to the evening show. 
Note if it worries you, this vid does contain spoilers, but it's awesome.