Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January IHSW

A quick midweek post to show how my IHSW went, as I had a five day weekend, it went amazingly well. I finished Stark, and got a good start on Greyjoy. Colour doesn't show up well in this pic, will tweek the final one better

Carla's saturday hangout was great fun as always, though I was fighting a bit with the quarter stitches on Cindy.  There are hoards of them and they were trying to lay waste to me. Seriously, they are three rows deep on the arches, on BOTH sides. I usually love varieties of stitches but I didn't find the rhythm of those quarters until Sunday, since then it has be great.  There were some technical glitches with the hangout, I didn't realize my mic had turned itself off until my cat knocked over my box of floss, scattering it everywhere. That's when I realized no one could hear me which was good because some Spartacus level swearing happened.


  1. The arches at becoming very shapely :D I think Magical is probably the most tender eared out of the bunch, but the rest of us would have laughed if we had heard you :D I'm really diggin' the bookmarks, but I don't want to add ANOTHER thing to my list...my head might explode!!

    1. The Greyjoy bookmark is going to be a quick one, then it's on to the ones on black fabric. And yes I do think your list is becoming awesome, but next month it's back on budget for you, no more dragon and fairies and beasties, except the ones you've already got, or I have access to.

  2. I agree with Carla, those arches look beautiful! As for the swearing....meh, you should have heard me when my beads were spilled multiple times.

  3. Beautiful progress on both Cindy and your bookmarks...those arcs are really starting to take shape, while I *still* am caught in the border ^^

  4. *Spartacus level swearing* LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm good friends with those words.

    Stitching looks great. :)