Friday, 28 November 2014

I should have got a lot of stitching done this week, and I kind of did. But not as much as planned. I had four days off so there should have been lots of time, but then there was playing chauffer for Mom and Dad’s appointments, and my own Dr’s appointment, throw in a little grocery shopping and black Friday at Walmart and there goes the week. But I did manage to get the season of Spartacus that I was missing as well as two BBC nature documentaries for $13.97 combined (on it would have been $50 to get them both, more on  Also I watch the kittens of Tiny Kittens a lot, like hours for most evenings. They are just too cute not to.
The big news, I finished page 2 of Cindy, just two days after the one year anniversary of her start,
then I put her down and got hooked on Futurecast, I think she’ll forgive me. The pewterish metallic I got is perfect though it's more of a black with sliver sparkle when stitched,
Also got quite a bit done on the cabin, And finished Heartfull Harvey for the Pirates exchange, still can't get the sparkle to show up will, but it is kind of subtle

And this is what I watched, other than the kittens
Doctor Who  - Commentary to the end of Season one

Supernatural S10 E07 CROWLEY’s Blab blab blad, and then blab

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug: Appendices part 9 - This is the reason I buy the extended cuts of  the movies, I love watching these detailed behind the scenes documentaries

The Christmas Carol - Mom has decided it is time to pull out the Christmas movies,
and as she has umpteen versions of  Scrooge, we decided to stagger them through the month. This is the 1938 version

Christmas Comes to Willow Creek - While this has nothing to do with the Dukes of Hazzard, it does star  the same leads, I think they made this just to have fun.

Friday, 21 November 2014

SFS and Tiny kittens

This, I think, is an IHSW though not so much for me as I’m working, all of it, I’ll try to sneak some stitching in though. Also I just tried to make bread with a new recipe, it was an utter failure, did not even attempt to rise, so now I’m trying to make a naan type bread out of it. Who knows, maybe it will be awesome.

As for the SFS update I decided since I was going to be near a Micheals for a full weekend that this would be the month that I would skip on my Stitch From Stash, but then the $50 holiday bonus was announced so I splurged without guilt, plus I found a great needlework store in Kelowna. Stocked up on some fabric, the Krenik I bought cause it was a cool pewter colour, and the lamp... I finally bought myself a travel size Ott lamp, my first Ott, and I love it to bits.  I wanted it, but didn't’ need it, so I’m pretty sure I have to count it.

Sparkly linen $2.25
Angel Blush 28th Linen $13.70
Fairy Dust 28ct Linen $11.99
Krenik   $3.98
Lamp $27.49
Bobbins $3.49
Floss $2.70
Needle Threader $2.99

Total $68.59, I just made it if you factor in the bonus

This week I finished the secret Santa ornament, just have to wait for it to tell me how to finish finishing it.
Cabin got worked on, not that much left, should be finished by Christmas.

And I tried to finish page 2 of Cindy, but didn’t quite succeed.  The one year
mark on here will be on the 24th, so approximately 3 months per page, should be done next summer, hopefully in time for the fair.
Also I started Futurecast, a Theresa Wentzler freebie dragon for the Stitching Pirates contest. Figured I should finish at least one piece by her for the Year of Theresa Wentzler.

As for what I watched, mainly just caught up on  TV shows, because I found a new obsession; there’s this lady near Vancouver that fosters pregnant cats for her local no-kill shelter,  and she sets up a 24 hour live feed while she has the cat, through the birth and growing kittens until they are ready to be adopted. She does it to raise money for her shelter and raise awareness of spaying/neutering cats.  The kittens are now 4 days old and so fun to watch. Tiny Kitttens

Sleepy Hollow S02 E06-07

Constantine S01 E04

Supernatural S10 E06 Blab Blab Blab Clue Blab

Doctor Who S01 E02-03 plus commentary up to E08

Big Hero 6 - There are a lot of good superhero movies lately and this is yet another
one. And the animated short before the movie “Feast” was so cute.

Friday, 14 November 2014


This week the 200th episode of Supernatural was on, don’t worry this does not contain spoilers. It got me thinking about my history with the show.  I never thought I would say a TV show could change my life, but in some ways this one has.  I started watching in the summer before the 4th season on the recommendation of a friend who had been hooked on it by her teenage granddaughter.  And when I get hooked on shows I always go all out, I read the books, the fanfic,  interviews and in the case of SPN, watch vids from conventions.  And from those vids  I found out there was a convention in Vancouver, a 5 hour drive away, my friend’s daughter was also a fan and graduating that year so I offered a ticket up as a grad gift, it wasn't until after my friend said they’d both love to come and it would make a great gift that they told me she had dropped out and I basically gave her a gift for failing. But that was the reason they didn't tell anyone she quit, so that they could get all the grad gifts.
That particular friendship had been getting pretty rocky and I wasn't really sure I could handle spending a weekend with them, so I got another friend, Aaron (actually he was my friend’s daughter’s friend and also a co-worker of mine) hooked on the show and invited him along as a buffer. We had a blast, at least Aaron and I did, the other two complained a lot.  That friendship has since completely dissolved, and Aaron now is
Aaron and I with Jensen and Jared
one of my best friends. and this was not where this paragraph was supposed to go. Anyway I met an amazing group of people there from all over many of whom I’m still friends with. To the point of wedding invitations.
I did the conventions for three years, and have skipped the last couple, hope to get to another some day though, either back in Vancouver, or the Vegas one, or maybe even Rome.  The other thing SPN introduced me to was GISHWHES, which you can read about in my August 11th blog.  So SPN also allowed me to participate in world record breaking events, I have the certificate to prove it.  I think all of that could be classified as life changing.
So not much actually happened this week, which means stitching was done,  no pics of the ornament of course but here’s Cindy
And the Cabin, which almost has a cabin now.
And this is what I watched
Constantine S01 E03 Yup this is definitely a keeper

Supernatural S10 E05 200th Episode BLAB BLAB BLAB It was so amazing BLABITTY BLAB BLAB BLAB

White Collar S06 E01 - The start of the final, and very short season

The Quest for Bannockburn - Another Neil Oliver documentary,

Doctor Who S01 (New Series)  I decided to do a Doctor Who rewatch, starting at the reboot with Christopher Eccelston, before I watched the 8th season, this just reminds me how much I love Eccelston’s Doctor, I became a huge fan because of him, before I mainly watched because my mother was a fan,

What a Girl Wants - A teen rom-com, coming of age thing, it has Colin Firth, therefore it is perfect.

When Harry Met Sally - (including commentary)  One of the best rom-coms ever, who can forget “I’ll have what she’s having” Also I love listening to commentary that was done years after the movie was made

Bring it On Again - I own the first, but it seems there are a hoard of these on Netflix, and I enjoy sports type movies, so I’ll keep watching them, unless they get toooooooo silly.

While You Were Sleeping - I think we all have those movies that get pulled up when we are sick, or feeling down or just bored and unsure what to watch, This is one of those for me, can’t possibly tell you how many times I’ve watched this, but I never get tired of it.

Willow - There aren’t that many good high fantasy movies (LOTR is a whole different story) most either take themselves way to seriously, or are way to campy.  This one gets the mix just right, such fun.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Skate Canada

As figured, not much stitching got done the last couple weeks, I was having way too much fun, I did start the ornament for Stitching Pirates, but no peeking so no pictures, Cindy had so little done it wasn't worth taking pics of. But the Cabin got some done, even a little in the hotel.

Men's Practice
Last weekend was of course Skate Canada in Kelowna, I haven't been to a live competition since World's in 2006 so I was so excited to go, and it was worth every penny, I had a marvelous weekend.  I left on Wednesday to go shopping before the show started on Thursday (at 8am which I why I left a day early) I found both craft stores I was looking for, but unfortunately only one was open, I did get some really pretty linen there. It was mainly a knitting/quilting shop but it had a better selection of stitching stuff than my LNS I'll definitely go back.  The closed store, which seemed really interesting, was just a cottage on an orchard so I
Duhamel and Radford - Canadian Pairs
Ashley Wagner - USA - 2nd 
understand the variable hours,  next time I'm heading that way I'll call first as the website says they will open on appointment sometimes. It was in a really pretty area that I've never gone to before. I also headed to Micheal's with a 50% off coupon and bought myself a travel Ott light, I'm already in love with it.
Weaver and Poje, Canadian Dance team 1st
The rest of the weekend was all about the skating, Thursday was just practices, always fun to watch, there are a lot of head games going on when you have 6 skaters practicing at the same time.  Friday and Saturday were practices and competition all say got there around 9am stayed till 9pm.  I was really fortunate that the people surrounding me were really friendly, you spend four days with them so it helps to have a good group.
Even the arena food was better and cheaper than I expected, including the best arena hot chocolate I ever

I did get a little bit watched as well
Sleepy Hollow S02 E06-07 Caught up again, still a fun show

Gotham S01 E01- or at least half the episode, and then I gave up and erased it and the other 6 eps  I had saved, this one was rather boring and messed with the mythology way to much, not going to be one for me.

Constantine S01 E01-02 This one is good though. They certainly have the character of Constantine right, so much reminds me of Supernatural, a good thing as SPN was partly based on Constantine. It was once one of my favorite comics but I haven’t read any in about a decade to I’m not worried about picking it apart.

Halloween Wars  2014 - I saved this till now as I kept missing it when it was on, but I do love cake contests.

Glee S01 E19-22 Yes I’m back to Glee at least until it starts annoying me again, but I do love the music.