Friday, 21 November 2014

SFS and Tiny kittens

This, I think, is an IHSW though not so much for me as I’m working, all of it, I’ll try to sneak some stitching in though. Also I just tried to make bread with a new recipe, it was an utter failure, did not even attempt to rise, so now I’m trying to make a naan type bread out of it. Who knows, maybe it will be awesome.

As for the SFS update I decided since I was going to be near a Micheals for a full weekend that this would be the month that I would skip on my Stitch From Stash, but then the $50 holiday bonus was announced so I splurged without guilt, plus I found a great needlework store in Kelowna. Stocked up on some fabric, the Krenik I bought cause it was a cool pewter colour, and the lamp... I finally bought myself a travel size Ott lamp, my first Ott, and I love it to bits.  I wanted it, but didn't’ need it, so I’m pretty sure I have to count it.

Sparkly linen $2.25
Angel Blush 28th Linen $13.70
Fairy Dust 28ct Linen $11.99
Krenik   $3.98
Lamp $27.49
Bobbins $3.49
Floss $2.70
Needle Threader $2.99

Total $68.59, I just made it if you factor in the bonus

This week I finished the secret Santa ornament, just have to wait for it to tell me how to finish finishing it.
Cabin got worked on, not that much left, should be finished by Christmas.

And I tried to finish page 2 of Cindy, but didn’t quite succeed.  The one year
mark on here will be on the 24th, so approximately 3 months per page, should be done next summer, hopefully in time for the fair.
Also I started Futurecast, a Theresa Wentzler freebie dragon for the Stitching Pirates contest. Figured I should finish at least one piece by her for the Year of Theresa Wentzler.

As for what I watched, mainly just caught up on  TV shows, because I found a new obsession; there’s this lady near Vancouver that fosters pregnant cats for her local no-kill shelter,  and she sets up a 24 hour live feed while she has the cat, through the birth and growing kittens until they are ready to be adopted. She does it to raise money for her shelter and raise awareness of spaying/neutering cats.  The kittens are now 4 days old and so fun to watch. Tiny Kitttens

Sleepy Hollow S02 E06-07

Constantine S01 E04

Supernatural S10 E06 Blab Blab Blab Clue Blab

Doctor Who S01 E02-03 plus commentary up to E08

Big Hero 6 - There are a lot of good superhero movies lately and this is yet another
one. And the animated short before the movie “Feast” was so cute.

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  1. You almost got your page finish on Cindy, and the cabin is close to done as well - how exciting! Also - kittens!