Friday, 14 November 2014


This week the 200th episode of Supernatural was on, don’t worry this does not contain spoilers. It got me thinking about my history with the show.  I never thought I would say a TV show could change my life, but in some ways this one has.  I started watching in the summer before the 4th season on the recommendation of a friend who had been hooked on it by her teenage granddaughter.  And when I get hooked on shows I always go all out, I read the books, the fanfic,  interviews and in the case of SPN, watch vids from conventions.  And from those vids  I found out there was a convention in Vancouver, a 5 hour drive away, my friend’s daughter was also a fan and graduating that year so I offered a ticket up as a grad gift, it wasn't until after my friend said they’d both love to come and it would make a great gift that they told me she had dropped out and I basically gave her a gift for failing. But that was the reason they didn't tell anyone she quit, so that they could get all the grad gifts.
That particular friendship had been getting pretty rocky and I wasn't really sure I could handle spending a weekend with them, so I got another friend, Aaron (actually he was my friend’s daughter’s friend and also a co-worker of mine) hooked on the show and invited him along as a buffer. We had a blast, at least Aaron and I did, the other two complained a lot.  That friendship has since completely dissolved, and Aaron now is
Aaron and I with Jensen and Jared
one of my best friends. and this was not where this paragraph was supposed to go. Anyway I met an amazing group of people there from all over many of whom I’m still friends with. To the point of wedding invitations.
I did the conventions for three years, and have skipped the last couple, hope to get to another some day though, either back in Vancouver, or the Vegas one, or maybe even Rome.  The other thing SPN introduced me to was GISHWHES, which you can read about in my August 11th blog.  So SPN also allowed me to participate in world record breaking events, I have the certificate to prove it.  I think all of that could be classified as life changing.
So not much actually happened this week, which means stitching was done,  no pics of the ornament of course but here’s Cindy
And the Cabin, which almost has a cabin now.
And this is what I watched
Constantine S01 E03 Yup this is definitely a keeper

Supernatural S10 E05 200th Episode BLAB BLAB BLAB It was so amazing BLABITTY BLAB BLAB BLAB

White Collar S06 E01 - The start of the final, and very short season

The Quest for Bannockburn - Another Neil Oliver documentary,

Doctor Who S01 (New Series)  I decided to do a Doctor Who rewatch, starting at the reboot with Christopher Eccelston, before I watched the 8th season, this just reminds me how much I love Eccelston’s Doctor, I became a huge fan because of him, before I mainly watched because my mother was a fan,

What a Girl Wants - A teen rom-com, coming of age thing, it has Colin Firth, therefore it is perfect.

When Harry Met Sally - (including commentary)  One of the best rom-coms ever, who can forget “I’ll have what she’s having” Also I love listening to commentary that was done years after the movie was made

Bring it On Again - I own the first, but it seems there are a hoard of these on Netflix, and I enjoy sports type movies, so I’ll keep watching them, unless they get toooooooo silly.

While You Were Sleeping - I think we all have those movies that get pulled up when we are sick, or feeling down or just bored and unsure what to watch, This is one of those for me, can’t possibly tell you how many times I’ve watched this, but I never get tired of it.

Willow - There aren’t that many good high fantasy movies (LOTR is a whole different story) most either take themselves way to seriously, or are way to campy.  This one gets the mix just right, such fun.


  1. Willow!!!! Must go re-watch that now.....I think my Dad put it on his server....if not I'm going home soon and can re-watch it then ^_^

    Love Cindy and the cabin is looking fabulous!

    1. Also, that was a shitty thing your friend & her daughter did. If I had ended up failing my parents would have made me give all the gifts back since I didn't earn them by graduating. She didn't graduate, she shouldn't have gotten the gifts, plain and simple.

      That being said, my parents would never have let me just 'drop out' of HS so....that wouldn't have even been a problem for me. If I got a 'c' in a class 6 week progress report I was lectured & grounded. Even though by the time those came out I had already pulled up the grade because we had taken more quizzes/tests/homework grades but I was grounded till they heard back from the teacher giving them my new grade.

      Thankfully, since my Mom worked in the same school district that happened pretty quickly....unfortunately it also meant we couldn't get away with anything cause they could easily send off an e-mail and be sure that she got it lol.

    2. Yeah I was not impressed at all with them that day. I was a fairly good student so never even thought of quitting, but if I had Mom and Dad would never have allowed it.

  2. Such nice progress! You're almost done with these stairs on Cindy, and the Cabin is looking ever so lovely. I don't think I know any of your movies this time, and after hearing/reading you girls talk about it I get the feeling I should at least watch willow some time...I DID watch S1 of the New Doctor (Never seen the old ones, sadly), and I'd love to continue watching, only it not on prime anymore and the DVDs are sooo expensive :(

    1. Willow is a wonderful fantasy movie, so I'd say yes if you can find it, try it. As much as I complain about our Netflix, one thing we do have is a lot of BBC stuff, including the Doctor, I own 1 and part of 6 & 7 cause I found them on sale, but the rest will be from Netflix. We don't get Prime.