Friday, 7 November 2014

Skate Canada

As figured, not much stitching got done the last couple weeks, I was having way too much fun, I did start the ornament for Stitching Pirates, but no peeking so no pictures, Cindy had so little done it wasn't worth taking pics of. But the Cabin got some done, even a little in the hotel.

Men's Practice
Last weekend was of course Skate Canada in Kelowna, I haven't been to a live competition since World's in 2006 so I was so excited to go, and it was worth every penny, I had a marvelous weekend.  I left on Wednesday to go shopping before the show started on Thursday (at 8am which I why I left a day early) I found both craft stores I was looking for, but unfortunately only one was open, I did get some really pretty linen there. It was mainly a knitting/quilting shop but it had a better selection of stitching stuff than my LNS I'll definitely go back.  The closed store, which seemed really interesting, was just a cottage on an orchard so I
Duhamel and Radford - Canadian Pairs
Ashley Wagner - USA - 2nd 
understand the variable hours,  next time I'm heading that way I'll call first as the website says they will open on appointment sometimes. It was in a really pretty area that I've never gone to before. I also headed to Micheal's with a 50% off coupon and bought myself a travel Ott light, I'm already in love with it.
Weaver and Poje, Canadian Dance team 1st
The rest of the weekend was all about the skating, Thursday was just practices, always fun to watch, there are a lot of head games going on when you have 6 skaters practicing at the same time.  Friday and Saturday were practices and competition all say got there around 9am stayed till 9pm.  I was really fortunate that the people surrounding me were really friendly, you spend four days with them so it helps to have a good group.
Even the arena food was better and cheaper than I expected, including the best arena hot chocolate I ever

I did get a little bit watched as well
Sleepy Hollow S02 E06-07 Caught up again, still a fun show

Gotham S01 E01- or at least half the episode, and then I gave up and erased it and the other 6 eps  I had saved, this one was rather boring and messed with the mythology way to much, not going to be one for me.

Constantine S01 E01-02 This one is good though. They certainly have the character of Constantine right, so much reminds me of Supernatural, a good thing as SPN was partly based on Constantine. It was once one of my favorite comics but I haven’t read any in about a decade to I’m not worried about picking it apart.

Halloween Wars  2014 - I saved this till now as I kept missing it when it was on, but I do love cake contests.

Glee S01 E19-22 Yes I’m back to Glee at least until it starts annoying me again, but I do love the music.


  1. I'm glad you had an amazing time at the show and that you're back safely now ^_^ Cabin is looking pretty as wekk, not so much to go now!

    1. The cabin seems to be moving quickly now, I can't wait to finish it.

  2. It all sounds so fabulous! I would have brought my knitting and probably finished a blanket by the end hahaha! that is 12 hours a day of nothing but beautiful skating!