Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 2017 WIPocalypse

The March 2017 WIPocalypse question of the month is: What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?  
I don't follow a lot of thing, blog wise I follow AlaskawolfpackNeedle, Pen & SwordSpitfireFae's Craft CornerMake It Pink, and Magical's Quilts and More. because these are my friends, other than that I kind of just bounce around randomly. I follow a few groups on facebook but none of them really closely.  However on dA I am a huge follower of The Stitching Pirates, and have been since the beginning of the group.  I've only just become aware of flosstubes and as of yet have only watched my friend Carla

Since the last update I have finished two pages of the Fractal, don't applaud too much, there was barely anything on one of the pages. Actually there are a LOT of partial pages to this one, as a result it's going much quicker than planned. 

And curling is still on so lots filled in on this as well

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top 

Iron Fist S1 E1-13 This is the Marvel superhero one I’ve been waiting for, Powerman and Iron Fist was one of my favorite comics growing up, havn’t decided if it lived up to expectations, (not actually sure if that was possible) but I did enjoy it and can’t wait to see Defenders.
Ten Inch Hero - It doesn’t get fluffier than this, sappy little rom/com that I found in my “must watch anything Jensen Ackles” phase, It’s so adorable it will give you cavities.  But I have found it to be the perfect movie to watch when sad and just wanting to cuddle up in a blanket and watch something that will not tax your brain and make you happy

Logan -  The exact opposite of the above, but brilliantly done.

World Women’s Curling championships. - YAY CANADA!! 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Mini Milestones

I know it's still winter, but really, it won't stop snowing, you'd think I lived in Canada or something, (for those that don't know, I live in Canada)
So I have a couple mini milestones on my stitching this week, I started and finished page one of The Fractal and am now onto page 8 which I'm getting close to half way through
I've got to find a better place to get pictures of this thing. 

Also I finished the outline on Canada 150 and now all I have to do is fill it in,
Also I found out there is going to be an extra prize at the fair for most patriotic, of which this shall probably do me well, However I am also considering doing a Vimy Ridge sampler that I found as it is also the 100th anniversary of the battle, If I keep going I'm going to have a chunk of entries for the fair this year.

As for what I watched

Fan art of the Raven Queen and Vax'ildan
 by advocatingAvian
Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top - Critial Role - the show that makes me cry, sometime with sadness, sometimes with laughter and sometimes that’s all within the same hour.

Shadow Hunters S02 Ep 08-09

Lion - I went to La La Land because it was a musical, I went to Hidden Figures because Tumblr made me aware of the women in it and I wanted to know more.  I went to Lion because it was advertised at the other two and looked interesting, and it was so good.

Tangled - So this cute Rapunzel movie reminded me of two things.  One, the lovely Mucha  Make it Pink pattern and, two, Disney does the best horses they are so intelligent and snarky.

Tarzan - The Disney animated one, not one of my favourites but a good way to pass time,  However song wise this is probably second only to Lion King for me, love the Phil Collins/Marc Mancina soundtrack

Blade Runner - Our local college has a movie course where each year they study a different theme, this winter it’s dystopian movies, and they show them at the theatre and it is open to the public, thus allowing me to see this on the big screen for the first time.

The Brier (Canadian Men’s Curling Championship) - since B.C. has been
eliminated, I am now rooting for Newfoundland & Labrador