Saturday, 29 April 2017

April WIPocalypse

It's a great end of the month for me, but first the WIPocalypse question for April, This month the question is:

What projects are in your UFO pile?

I know this may sound strange to a lot of you, but I don't have any UFO's I don't put anything aside, ever, I just work on my two projects at a time until somethings done and then move on to the next.

And speaking of being done, look at this lovely thing, this will become a pillow fairly soon and was done specifically with the fair in mind as they have asked for Canadiana things, I have this and hopefully will have the Vimy Ridge Sampler, that I will start tomorrow, done in time as well

The fractal is also coming along nicely, haven't quite finished the next page, but I'm getting close.

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

Death Note E06-09

The Men’s World Curling Championships - Yay Canada, between the men and the women, undefeated in 26 games in a row at the worlds this year..

Supernatural S12 E11-18 Almost caught up again.

Escape - E1-9  A online show that puts celebrities in an Escape room, I binged this in about 2 days, so much fun.

Beauty and the Beast - The new one, and I think I may prefer it to the animated one, It follows the same story, far closer than any of the other remakes, but what tips the scales for me was Luke Evans’ portrayal of Gaston, he’s far less comical here but just as evil makes for a much better bad guy.

War of the Worlds - This version is from Asylum productions and comes with the bad dialogue and gaping plot holes that you’d expect from an Asylum movie, but the aliens were well done and it was fun, which is all you can really ask

Thumbelina - I have never seen this one before, I only own it because it came in a two pack with Anastasia, but it’s a lovely little story,  and  a good way to spend a couple hours.

Thank You For Smoking - A dark satire about a lobbyist for Big Tobacco. I originally saw this by accident then went back the next time and paid for it.  It’s so darkly hilarious.

Time Machine - The Rod Taylor version, far superior to all others in my mind, including the book

Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 2017 WIPocalypse

The March 2017 WIPocalypse question of the month is: What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?  
I don't follow a lot of thing, blog wise I follow AlaskawolfpackNeedle, Pen & SwordSpitfireFae's Craft CornerMake It Pink, and Magical's Quilts and More. because these are my friends, other than that I kind of just bounce around randomly. I follow a few groups on facebook but none of them really closely.  However on dA I am a huge follower of The Stitching Pirates, and have been since the beginning of the group.  I've only just become aware of flosstubes and as of yet have only watched my friend Carla

Since the last update I have finished two pages of the Fractal, don't applaud too much, there was barely anything on one of the pages. Actually there are a LOT of partial pages to this one, as a result it's going much quicker than planned. 

And curling is still on so lots filled in on this as well

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top 

Iron Fist S1 E1-13 This is the Marvel superhero one I’ve been waiting for, Powerman and Iron Fist was one of my favorite comics growing up, havn’t decided if it lived up to expectations, (not actually sure if that was possible) but I did enjoy it and can’t wait to see Defenders.
Ten Inch Hero - It doesn’t get fluffier than this, sappy little rom/com that I found in my “must watch anything Jensen Ackles” phase, It’s so adorable it will give you cavities.  But I have found it to be the perfect movie to watch when sad and just wanting to cuddle up in a blanket and watch something that will not tax your brain and make you happy

Logan -  The exact opposite of the above, but brilliantly done.

World Women’s Curling championships. - YAY CANADA!! 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Mini Milestones

I know it's still winter, but really, it won't stop snowing, you'd think I lived in Canada or something, (for those that don't know, I live in Canada)
So I have a couple mini milestones on my stitching this week, I started and finished page one of The Fractal and am now onto page 8 which I'm getting close to half way through
I've got to find a better place to get pictures of this thing. 

Also I finished the outline on Canada 150 and now all I have to do is fill it in,
Also I found out there is going to be an extra prize at the fair for most patriotic, of which this shall probably do me well, However I am also considering doing a Vimy Ridge sampler that I found as it is also the 100th anniversary of the battle, If I keep going I'm going to have a chunk of entries for the fair this year.

As for what I watched

Fan art of the Raven Queen and Vax'ildan
 by advocatingAvian
Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top - Critial Role - the show that makes me cry, sometime with sadness, sometimes with laughter and sometimes that’s all within the same hour.

Shadow Hunters S02 Ep 08-09

Lion - I went to La La Land because it was a musical, I went to Hidden Figures because Tumblr made me aware of the women in it and I wanted to know more.  I went to Lion because it was advertised at the other two and looked interesting, and it was so good.

Tangled - So this cute Rapunzel movie reminded me of two things.  One, the lovely Mucha  Make it Pink pattern and, two, Disney does the best horses they are so intelligent and snarky.

Tarzan - The Disney animated one, not one of my favourites but a good way to pass time,  However song wise this is probably second only to Lion King for me, love the Phil Collins/Marc Mancina soundtrack

Blade Runner - Our local college has a movie course where each year they study a different theme, this winter it’s dystopian movies, and they show them at the theatre and it is open to the public, thus allowing me to see this on the big screen for the first time.

The Brier (Canadian Men’s Curling Championship) - since B.C. has been
eliminated, I am now rooting for Newfoundland & Labrador

Monday, 27 February 2017

February WIPocalypse

The fun new thing it week is I have another page finish on Fractal despite not working on it much the last couple weeks,  The next page has very little on it, so another page finish is imminent.

I have managed to get quite a bit done on Canada 150 as well,

Both these project are a bit strange for me, as they have little to no backstitching.  Which is relevant because.......
This months WIPocalypse question is:  What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch?  (bonus points if you provide a how-to link or diagram it on your blog post!)

That's right, I love doing back stitch.  So much detail happens with backstitch and as I almost always do it last. it also signifies nearing the end of a project.  And for the bonus points I found a how to video of back stitching.

As for what I watched

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

The Scotties Tournament of Hearts - In other words, the Canadian Women’s Curling Championship.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sports Break

It is mid February so that means that tomorrow the Scott Tournament of Hearts (Canadian Women's Curling) begins which is for me the start of a month of sports watching,  Which also means less work gets done on downstairs project aka Fractal

and more gets done on upstairs project which is making it's debut in the blog, I am currently working on the Canada 150 logo, pattern designed by the wonderful Make it Pink and this lovely thing will become my pillow entry for the fair this year.

As for what I watched.

Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

Shadowhunters S02 E05-07

Hidden Figures - I had really been looking forward to this one and it didn’t disappoint, it is about the African American female mathematicians and engineers at NASA in the 60’s. I know it’s been getting a lot of the awards this year, they are well deserved.

The Wolverine - This one was so much better than the first Wolverine movie, I like that they brought it to Japan as that is such an important part of the comics mythology. However Japan did look suspiciously like Vancouver

The Phoenix Incident - One of these “found footage” shaky cam fake documentary things that take a real incident and make it about aliens,  The fun of this one is that almost all the people in it  are voice actors, two (Travis Willingham and Liam O’Brian) are also from Critical Role which is obviously an obsession of mine, and two others  have also been on table top.  That’s the only reason I watched this, but it was amusing so not a waste of time, but I wouldn’t spend actual money on this.

Earthquake - This big budget disaster movie from 1974 has a stellar cast, but quite honestly it doesn’t take to long to start rooting their death.  There isn’t a likable character in this movie, on the other hand the disaster itself is quite satisfying and has pretty good special effects for the time.

Dirty Dancing - Another iconic 80’s movie, what can I say I was a teenager in the 80’s all the iconic 80’s movies are going to show up in this list sooner or later.  This one is out of order because my VHS copy was stolen and I just found the DVD dead cheap---finally.

Attack on Titan: The Movie, Parts 1&2 - I got these for Christmas, they are the live action version of the anime I watch a while ago, well done, especially the titans and while lacking the in depth storyline of the anime, still a good dystopian movie.

Monday, 6 February 2017

February Finish

I managed to finish a couple things, first I finished the second page of the fractal, which technically was page 3, now I move on to page 2 cause I'm strange that way.

Also I finished the little mandala. I have no idea what to do with it now, but it sure was fun to make.
 Pattern from Ink Circles,
Spawn  of RYO Mandala
13 colours, approx 4X4" 
This pattern doesn't have assigned colours, you get to "Roll Your Own" I started with the peach colour pulled up a colour wheel and went from there. 

As for what I watched.
Critical Role, Talks Machina and Table Top

Death Note - Ep 1-3 I read one of the comics a million years ago, so I thought I’d try the show, pretty good so far

Supernatural S12-E10 This is the second time Ian Tracey (a favorite of mine) has been on the show, two different characters and they’ve both died.

The Truman Show- This movie is BRILLIANT, I love it so much I can easily forget that it’s Jim Carrey, and he is brilliant in it as well, And the music is amazing too. 

La La Land - I’m not going to attempt to see all the nominated movies, but this one looked fun, and it was. It was beautifully staged and shot and story wise a lovely bit of fluff.

The Time Machine ( 2002 ) - As a long time fan of the Rod Taylor version and the book itself I could nit pick this one apart mercilessly.  But taken away from it’s source material it’s a pretty solid movie, I just have to turn my brain off when watching it.

The Trouble with Harry - The trouble with Harry is that he’s dead, and that’s really inconvenient  to the different people who think they may have killed him.  It’s a wonderful comedy from Alfred Hitchcock 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

January WIPocalypse

To start, I love my job, I convinced my boss to let me start making gourmet cookies and so now I'm playing with recipes and getting paid to do it.

The question of the month is. What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year?

I don't do a lot of SAL's, for this year I only have this one, and a Halloween SAL with Carla, Leonore and a few others that I'm doing.  I haven't decided what pattern I'm doing for the Halloween one yet, but I have till August to figure it out.

I haven't quite managed to finish anything yet, but I'm close on the Mandala.

 And almost finished another page of the Fractal.

Weird bright light is my needle minder, the dragon fell off so now I'm just using the magnets, and it was shinier than expected.  Made me laugh so I didn't retake the shot.

As for what I watched

Critical Role Talks Machina and Table Top

Shadowhunters S02 Ep01-04

Supernatural S12 E07-09  Finally caught up again, that will change soon I’m sure

The Wave - Rock slide in a fjord causes a tsunami. Because Norwegian disaster movies can be fun too, though the subtitles make it challenging to stitch to.

Time After Time - Jack the Ripper steals H.G. Wells’ time machine and escapes to 1979, Wells realizes what happens and chases after him. How could this not be fun

Top Gun, - Some movies are just iconic to a generation, and this one is one from mine. Is it a good show? I don’t know, I don’t care, it just is necessary to my life.

Tomorrow Never Dies - One of the few James Bond I own.  A megalomaniac media mogul wants to start a war between China and Great Britain to improve ratings and get an exclusive media contract with China.  Bond and a Chinese agent (Michelle Yeoh, my favorite Bond woman) must stop him, explosions ensue.