Saturday, 23 June 2018

June WIPocalypse

Once a month seems to be the best I can do blogging this year,.  But so much to show,  to start
this beloved thing is done and currently stretching nicely to get ready for it's pretty frame for full info go to my dA page
Since I got this done I've been able to work on the borders for the mandala
And the Celtic Cross has been proceeding nicely as well

This month question is Tell us what you think the ideal stitching retreat would include.
This one is fairly easy, my stitching friends and a cabin on an ocean beach, kinda like this 

We've actually talked about this place, that or a castle in Germany

As for what I watched

Critical Role: and Talks Machina

Weave  - another RPG show from Alpha

Shadow hunters - S03 E01-E12 Can’t wait for the next half of the season, though I hear it will be the last, too bad, they’ve done a good job with this series.

Sense 8 - S01 E01-  Rewatch of the first before watching the second I forgot how much I enjoyed this, such a smart concept

American Gods - Season 1 - I love all things Neil Gaimin and this did not
disappoint, can’t wait for season two

Hamlet - The Benedict Cumberbatch one, I love that you can go to the movies to watch live(ish) theatre,

The Greatest Showman - I still adore this movie

Solo: A Star Wars Story - I enjoyed this far more than I expected to, when all is said an done it’s just a fun heist movie, and the guy who played Lando was awesome

Treasure Planet - One of Disney’s more forgotten animated movies, but it’s a
lot of fun with good music.

Ocean’s 8 - I love a good caper movie and this one definitely qualifies

Divergent - Rewatch as I now have all three movies, still my favourite of the ream of teen fiction from the last few years, I love this world

Insurgent - Rewatch continues

Sunday, 27 May 2018

May WIPocalypse

This will be a shortish one, I'm so close to finishing Fractal I can taste it.

Also being working  a little on the Celtic Cross

And this is May's Mini-Mandala

The question of the month is
 Where do you love to shop for stash? I have ONE LNS called Thread and Paper that carries basic supplies and run by wonderful people, but for anything fancy I have to go online,  and for that I have found Traditional Stitches out of Calgary while not the selection of 123 they have the advantage of no exchange and much much much cheaper and quicker shipping.  Also the customer service has been stellar

As for what I watched

Critical Role: and Talks Machina 

Supernatural S13 E15-23  Including the Scooby Doo crossover and the heart wrenching finale, after all what’s SPN without the cliff hanger finale

Avengers - File this under the I just wanted to watch it category

Thor: The Dark World - still catching up on missed MCU movies, this one is better than the first but I still prefer the third.  At least Jane is slightly less useless in this one. 

Ant-Man - Of course I like this one, it’s a caper movie.

Doctor Strange - Another of the I just wanted to watch it again category, this is such a fun movie to look at.

Captain America: Civil War - This is what started the whole I have to catch up thing, I knew I had to see this before Avengers so I would have a knowledge of what was going on. And look at all the other fun things that forced me to watch

Spider Man. Homecoming - I didn’t go see this one in theatres because I’ve never been a huge Spider Man fan and the last few movies didn’t change my mind, however this one was a lot of fun, I will go to the next

Avengers: Infinity War - About as epic as I expected, can’t wait for
part 2

Sunday, 29 April 2018

WIPocalypse of April

It seems this is now a once a month blog, and if it wasn't for Wipocalypse I probably wouldn't even remember to do it that often.  I do believe however that 30 for 30 crafting will be starting on Tuesday over on Tumblr so I'll be having daily updates over there, It's here if anyone is interested, it is usually just a random and fan thing the rest of the year, but for May it is stitching.

Question of the Month – Talk to us about your longest-running WIP or UFO.
Longest running thing that has been going over a year now would be my beloved Fractal, and it is getting close to finished, just 3 and a half pages to go, and not only that, I already have the frame for it ordered, it will make it to this years fair, I promise.

My other projects at the moment are the Celtic Cross
and The Mini-Mandala-a-Month

As for what I watched

Critical Role: and Talks Machina 

Supernatural S13 E12-13 Catching up slowly

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider:  This was a good adventurous romp, thoroughly enjoyable

Ready Player One - Yay, I can read the book now.

Pacific Rim: Uprising - I love these movies, I grew up on old school Battletech.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier - I have to brush up one the MCU for
obvious reasons and watch some of the ones I missed over the years.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Didn’t miss this one, I just love it and wanted to watch it againg

Thor - Didn’t miss this one either, however I barely remembered it and thought I should brush up before Dark World, which I do have to watch. And yeah I guess I didn’t remember it much because it’s kinda boring to me, Thor’s great, but could they have had a more insipid romance, I mean, what was the point.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

It's Supposed to Be Spring

.... And yet the snow is still everywhere, melting slowly but still evening temps are below zero, I'm tired of it. I want spring, and I want spring to last until fall. Summer I can do without. But I did get a pretty sunrise out of it all

I tell myself that I should do more than a once a month blog, but here it is, WIPocalypse time again, and the question of the month is

What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?

And I freely admit I don't pay enough attention to know who is new or not. I will firstly mention Pinky the Pink though I've been stitching her patterns for several years now, but I think in the grand scheme of things she would be considered new, she's probably  best known for her patterns of Hannah Alexander's Disney princesses, but check her shop, she has lots of designs and does amazing custom work as well

My new favorites that I have been having fun with areSatsumaStreet, I've stitched one pattern of hers already and have another ready to go.

  And Brodeuse Bressane, who does the  Mini Mandala-a-Month and other amazing blackwork stuff  This is up to March as well as the start of a random border. The squares will go away before it is done, they are just for placement.

Other things I'm working on include......
yup, the fractal is back and getting close to a page finish

 And I have started the Celtic Cross from Vickory designs

As for what I watched

Critical Role: and Talks Machina 

Fullmetal Alchemist - The new live action movie, one of the better anime adaptations I’ve seen, and now the original series is on Netflix so I can watch it all-ish

Women’s World’s Curling Championships - More Sports, it’s that time of
year for me

World Figure Skating Championships - You can never have enough Figure Skating though I must say the coverage from CBC has been fairly abysmal

Black Panther - The MCU does it again, they put out such.consistently good movies, and the Black Panther has never been one of my favorite heroes, he’s supposed to be a king but he’s always running around in a suit instead of ruling his country (I have the same issue with Aquaman and Sub-Mariner.  But this was not an issue in the movie as it was about him becoming king

Wrinkle in Time - Not a bad version of the book, not great either but really pretty to look at.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Olympics Challenge

It's WIPocalypse time and the question of the month is:

Gadgets!  Show us your favorite stitching gadgets!  and How did you do with Olympic Stitching, and what goals did you achieve?

I have many gadgets like biscouru and hoops, lots of hoops, but my favourites are the cool needleminders and this amazing Pako Needle Organizer, I love doing large projects and probably could no longer tolerate life without my 2 Pakos

As for the Olympic Stitching, I did really well, I choose the Endurance race as that's how I stitch anyway and managed to finish the Violin Ornament from Dimensions and start AND finish Here Comes Treble from Ink Circles, I actually finished Treble during the closing ceremonies so my timing was perfect.

Now I can get back to the fractal which was sadly put aside once again, 

As for what I watched

Well the Olympics of course, especially the figure skating which is a lifelong obsession of mine and one thing I can't actually stitch during.