Monday, 26 May 2014


A quick little blog to say I FINALLY SPENT $0 for SFS this month!!!!! It's my first time.  Also I'm here to say I won't be blogging my usual Friday blog this week as I will be off with a friend in Vancouver, going hopefully to Cirque du Soleil and Eat!Vancouver, a wonderful food convention.
So until then I give you a quick progress shot of Bunny, who got all my attention this weekend.

And in other news, my mother spotted a garage sale add that mentioned collector Barbies, so off we went for a drive, about 30min away, and in a very pretty location., and low and behold a bevy of beautiful Barbies were for sale. I bought these two lovelies for a mere $60 for both, essentially 1/2 off original price

Friday, 23 May 2014

Page Finish

It's been a good week for epic hangouts, both last Saturday and today, so stitching was done in droves, but not much watching of stuff. Tractor and Bunny are moving along nicely 

And more importantly I FINISHED PAGE ONE of Cindy,
Didn't seem to watch as much either, except Merlin of course
Merlin - S03 E03-08 - The obsession continues 

The West Wing S07 E12-18 Only four to go till the end

Supernatural S09 E23 The season finale, I may recover before season 10 starts but I doubt it.

Best In Show.  I love this mockumentary Fred Willard in particular is brilliant in what was apparently mostly improv.

Monday, 19 May 2014

May IHSW roundup

It was the perfect weekend for IHSW as I was off work Saturday and Sunday, and yet, not a huge amount of stitching was done. The marathon hangout with the gals was awesome, but we did more brainstorming and looking up patterns than actual stitching.  That made the day no less awesome. But some work did get done, none on the tractor as usual for a weekend since that is the Jeopardy piece, but Bunny and Cindy fared better, in fact I finished the windows on Cindy.

Friday, 16 May 2014


It's that time again, and I have the weekend off to enjoy stitching with the girls, with a short break for the Preakness of course, watching the race with Mom is a time honored tradition.
This was my first week with the new boss and man, did I work, Had some extra hours this week so paycheck will be nice, though I've already planned how to spend it. After 7 years it's strange to get used to the new bosses rhythms and where his priorities in production are. Did more dough slinging and less decorating than I have in a couple years, some of those skills were a bit rusty, and as they are a little more physical - I felt it.  I'm ready for a stitching weekend
So Bunny took priority as my obsession with Merlin grows and it shows.
But I didn't ignore the baby tractor
Or Cindy., I'll soon be finishing up that bush
As for what I watched:
The West Wing S07 E07 - E12

Merlin  S02- E07 to S03 E02  As stated above, completely obsessed. I’ll be reading fan fiction before you know it.
Supernatural S09-E21 Only one to go, can’t wait to see how the season ends.

The Borrowers - I know I like this one, but every time I watch it I’m surprised at how smart and well done it is, you would think the level of awesomeness would stay with me.  Also I have watched both this and Bedknobs and Broomsticks many times, but never back to back like this time.  Did not realized they were both based on books by the same author

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. - There’s a reason this one is a classic, it’s always wonderful.  Also this made me head to E-Bay looking for Barbies, always a dangerous thing.

The Bounty - As you go through this movie journey with me, you will soon realize that I had a thing for Mel Gibson before he went nuts.  Case in point, all of his movies that I own are on VHS.  This one is from back in 1984 when he was young and hot.  And is a really good retelling of the story, a rather quiet movie , that doesn't actually lay full blame on either side, Anthony Hopkins is Bligh and Gibson is Fletcher Christian. It also stars young Daniel Day Lewis and Liam Nieson.

Friday, 9 May 2014

New Era

So I've met the new boss, and work with him for the first time tomorrow, hope he's good. He's tall, which is always a nice bonus, I hate having to always go for the step stool,
Didn't manage to get quite as much done on Cindy this week, as Merlin has tried to take over my life and that's the bunny's show
The Tractor got some done, but Bunny got lots, I'm really loving her and wondering why I didn't do these patterns ages ago, they are so cute. 

As for what I watched
The West Wing S06-20 to S07 E06 -  I’ve made it to the last season, still loving it.
Merlin S01-E10 to S02- E07 -  Ok, I’m completely hooked now

Supernatural S09-E21 -  I love Mark Shepherd
Beauty and the Beast - It’s a tale as old as time….

Tidal Wave - Korean disaster movie, nuff said
Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Love, love, love this one, had Portobello Road running through my head the day before I watched it in anticipation
And a quick bonus pic of my non-stitching buddy, she's not allowed on the couch when I'm stitching cause she chases the floss, this is Sheba

Friday, 2 May 2014

It's May

The sun finally came out for a couple day and I got to open my sunroof and ditch my socks, but it's supposed to get cold again this weekend sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I got a surprise when I went to work Thursday and found that my bakery manager has been transfered and we are getting a new one.  Promotion for my guy, which is wonderful for him, but he's been boss all my 7 years at Safeway, I'm going to miss him, hopefully new guy will be nice.
So I had the stitching bug in full swing this week. and it shows, not so much on Tractor and Bunny

But Cindy got some serious work done

Obviously I watched a lot of stuff doing this, finished the "X's" and started the "B's" and there are a lot of them, whats with all the movies starting with "B"

West Wing S06 E09-19 Alan Alda and Jimmy Smitz have arrived, and livened things up a lot 

Merlin S01E09

Game of Thrones S04 E04

Supernatural S09 E20 - This was the backdoor pilot to the spin off, as a Supernatural episode it wasn’t that great but as a new series it has promise, I’ll give it a chance.

X-Men, X-Men 2- United, X-Men 3 - The Last Stand - These are all good movies and follow the comics, in spirit if not faithfully. My favorite is the third actually, Shadowcat is there and she’s my all time favorite Marvel character from the comics. Also fun with X3 is how obviously it was filmed in Vancouver, I watch going, yup, I’ve been there, and there, oh I’ve stayed at that hotel, that’s the church from SPN and so on.
Astonishing X-Men - A moving comic I found on Netflix, it’s the first story arc of the Joss Whedon comics, and very good., and also the main plot point for X3

Bambi - When you think about it, there’s not much of a story line here, but is it ever gosh darn pretty.  And I have always and will always adore Thumper.  “Some fun, huh Bambi?”

The Black Caldron - I haven’t seen this since it was in the theatre, which was 1985 !!!!!!!.  I didn’t remember how good it was.