Friday, 16 May 2014


It's that time again, and I have the weekend off to enjoy stitching with the girls, with a short break for the Preakness of course, watching the race with Mom is a time honored tradition.
This was my first week with the new boss and man, did I work, Had some extra hours this week so paycheck will be nice, though I've already planned how to spend it. After 7 years it's strange to get used to the new bosses rhythms and where his priorities in production are. Did more dough slinging and less decorating than I have in a couple years, some of those skills were a bit rusty, and as they are a little more physical - I felt it.  I'm ready for a stitching weekend
So Bunny took priority as my obsession with Merlin grows and it shows.
But I didn't ignore the baby tractor
Or Cindy., I'll soon be finishing up that bush
As for what I watched:
The West Wing S07 E07 - E12

Merlin  S02- E07 to S03 E02  As stated above, completely obsessed. I’ll be reading fan fiction before you know it.
Supernatural S09-E21 Only one to go, can’t wait to see how the season ends.

The Borrowers - I know I like this one, but every time I watch it I’m surprised at how smart and well done it is, you would think the level of awesomeness would stay with me.  Also I have watched both this and Bedknobs and Broomsticks many times, but never back to back like this time.  Did not realized they were both based on books by the same author

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. - There’s a reason this one is a classic, it’s always wonderful.  Also this made me head to E-Bay looking for Barbies, always a dangerous thing.

The Bounty - As you go through this movie journey with me, you will soon realize that I had a thing for Mel Gibson before he went nuts.  Case in point, all of his movies that I own are on VHS.  This one is from back in 1984 when he was young and hot.  And is a really good retelling of the story, a rather quiet movie , that doesn't actually lay full blame on either side, Anthony Hopkins is Bligh and Gibson is Fletcher Christian. It also stars young Daniel Day Lewis and Liam Nieson.


  1. It's good to see how much progress you're making; I guess you're the most productive of our group at the moment ^_^ Looks like almost a page finish on Cindy, and awesome progress on the other two, go for it!

    1. It's the handy thing about having a morning job, I usually have all afternoon to stitch if I want to.

  2. I'd love to watch The Bounty...going to check out YouTube and see if it's there :D I saw it, but am still floored at just how much stitching you have done!

    1. I think I got more done is our short chat today than I did in the long chat yesterday.