Friday, 23 May 2014

Page Finish

It's been a good week for epic hangouts, both last Saturday and today, so stitching was done in droves, but not much watching of stuff. Tractor and Bunny are moving along nicely 

And more importantly I FINISHED PAGE ONE of Cindy,
Didn't seem to watch as much either, except Merlin of course
Merlin - S03 E03-08 - The obsession continues 

The West Wing S07 E12-18 Only four to go till the end

Supernatural S09 E23 The season finale, I may recover before season 10 starts but I doubt it.

Best In Show.  I love this mockumentary Fred Willard in particular is brilliant in what was apparently mostly improv.


  1. I think my comment got eaten again, at least I can't see it anywhere...I do apologize if I now leave two of them, but hey, one can't say often enough how awesome your progress is and how much I love that page finish :D

    1. The comment vampire strikes again, I think he hates us.

    2. Oooh that guy, yeah, he's a real bother now isn't he.