Monday, 26 May 2014


A quick little blog to say I FINALLY SPENT $0 for SFS this month!!!!! It's my first time.  Also I'm here to say I won't be blogging my usual Friday blog this week as I will be off with a friend in Vancouver, going hopefully to Cirque du Soleil and Eat!Vancouver, a wonderful food convention.
So until then I give you a quick progress shot of Bunny, who got all my attention this weekend.

And in other news, my mother spotted a garage sale add that mentioned collector Barbies, so off we went for a drive, about 30min away, and in a very pretty location., and low and behold a bevy of beautiful Barbies were for sale. I bought these two lovelies for a mere $60 for both, essentially 1/2 off original price


  1. Bunny's butt is moving right along! And look at those Barbies!! Gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on spending $0, and yay for bunny-progress :) Have fun in Vancouver!