Friday, 24 October 2014

October SFS

My grand total for SFS this month is, drum-roll please, $0.  I have every intention of spending lots this coming week though, so next month won't be so pretty. I hope to make use of the $50 holiday splurge given to us and then some.  Now watch, I won't find anything.
So last week was IHSW and though I worked all through it, I still got to hang out with most of the girls on Saturday, but as figured mid week was my best stitching time.
Next week is the fun one though, Cindy will get neglected but I will feel no guilt.  On Wednesday I leave for Kelowna (about 2 hours away) for Skate Canada.  I will spend all day Wednesday shopping and have even found a couple needlework stores, not to mention my hotel is across the street from Micheals. And then the rest of the weekend will be taken up with watching 12 hour days of skating, I can't wait.  I will take the Cabin along for the evenings in case I have time.
So there will be no blog next Friday, I will by busy, with the Ladies short according to my schedule.
Did a lot of black half stitches on Cabin this week

And finished this pages part of the bush and the ridiculously pretty shawl on Cindy

And I watched stuff too.
Sleepy Hollow S02-E05

Supernatural S10 E03 WOW did you see blab blab blab, and wasn't blab blab, of course blab blab blab

Witch Hunt - An old made for HBO movie (old as in ‘94) about a PI in 1950’s Hollywood, he refuses to use magic, even though everyone else does.. It’s a sequel to Cast a Deadly Spell, which I unfortunately don’t have.

The Wedding Planner - Just s fun little romantic comedy, of which a lot seem to start
with the letter W.

War of The Worlds - The new one, never quite figured out if I really like it. It’s very well done, but I’m kind of tired of the single person point of view monster movie thing, though at least this one doesn't include the shaky cam.  On the other hand it has fantastic music, decent special effects and Dakota Fanning is incredible in it. Not something I usually say about a child in a movies, but she does an amazing job at showing pure terror.

35 Up, this series continues to be fascinating

Watchmen - It’s a fairly decent adaptation considering how dense the source is.  This was the first “adult” comic I read, I borrow comics from my brother constantly and this was the first that he handed to me with the disclaimer “don’t show Mom” It came out is 86, so I would have been 15 and Mom wouldn't have approved of the constant swearing, still doesn't in fact, we still don’t show those types comics to her.  I remember Watchmen blowing my mind, I had never read a comic like it before, many since, like V for Vendetta , Constantine (which starts on TV tonight, they better not blow it), The Books of Magic (Adult oriented Harry Potter, started 10 years before Potter existed) and the seminal, amazing, need to borrow it again  - Neil Gaimen’s Sandman,
It seems that it was because of Watchmen that they stopped being called comics and became graphic novels, no idea if that’s true, it just seems that way in my mind.
On another not, Watchmen was filmed in Vancouver, and they built a set that comprised an entire block and then left it there, the block is now used by a lot of the Vancouver filmed shows like Arrow and Supernatural. When I went on the Supernatural location tour we got to go there, cool place and very fun to photograph.

Friday, 17 October 2014

IHSW The Early Edition

It's IHSW and I will be working the whole weekend, hope to get to the hangout with my girls, but it will be a short visit.  However, I did have the last three days of so I did a mid week hermit and stitch, and stitch I did.
Also I go to Skate Canada in less than two weeks (insert happy dance here) and I ended up with the day before off. I had originally planned to drive to Kelowna after work that day, but now I can go early and SHOP, and completely blow my SFS budget if I want because I found the address of two different needlework stores, hopefully they are still there.
But much work was done, on both Cindy
And the Cabin
And watching was done in droves as well
Downton Abbey S03-E5-9 And this is the end of what’s on Netflix, have to be patient now until they put the next one up

Supernatural S10-E02 - Blab, blab, blab blab blab. (I have been told I’m not allowed to blab about what’s going on.

Neil Oliver - Sacred Places of Britain, Vikings is indeed over and now he’s moved on to standing stones.

Sleepy Hollow S02 - E04 Ohhhh Pied piper sighting

Watcher in the Woods - Horror isn’t exactly the first thing you think about with Disney and granted this is
very very light horror, and also a really good but hard to find movie, It came out in ‘80 so just near the end of Disney’s live action family movies. It’s a well put together movie about a family that moves into a old mansion and the something in the woods is haunting the two girls. One of which is Bond Girl Lynn Holly Johnson.

What Women Want - Not this movie apparently, not sure why I bought it originally, it’s now in the “go-away” pile

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday my prince will come, and he finally has legs so he can now run to me.
And now the exciting news, the NCCIH website is live, Leonore, Krystal and Carla worked really hard on this, I threw in some opinions and stitched the logo, but the majority of the hard work was done by these lovely ladies, NCCIH
It's been a fairly uneventful week for me, Dad went to a specialist and it turns out he didn't break his face too badly and is healing well, of course that means he's getting bored which is a whole other set of problems. Other than that it's been just working in our plague bakery, naturally the one employee with a school age son brought a cold to work with him, so we are all sick now, just in time for the Thanksgiving rush the second busiest week of the year for the bakery
There is some small rocks in the cabin pic that had the same colour as the cabin itself so for Carla's sake I did some actual work on the cabin. Now I really need to stop writing this blog so I can go make ice cream to go along with pies on Thanksgiving.

And of course I watched stuff
Supernatural S10 !!!!!!!!! E01.  It started with a bang, as it should. My obsession continues

Sleepy Hollow S02 E03

Witches of East End S02 E12 I thought this was the last one of the season, I was wrong

Downton Abbey S03 E01 to E04

Say Yes to the Dress - I was sick and didn’t’ want anything important on, and I found a marathon of this, so I watched and stitched and slept, emphasis on slept

Neil Oliver’s Viking - This one took us from settling in Iceland and
Shetland to the end of the Viking Age, I’m assuming it’s the last show.

Bulletproof Monk - I’m not sure why I own this, think I picked it up really cheap, I enjoy it, but not really enough to rewatch it again, might sell/donate it somewhere down the line. Anyone want it?

White Magic - That’s right, I’m finally finished the “B’s” on to the “W’s” starting with this great Warren Miller movie, pretty to watch, but not a good stitching movie.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

I'm Running Out of Title Ideas

So the theme of the week was less hours equals more stitching, which I embraced with gusto.  Until Friday when Dad fell again and I waited in the emergency room for 7 hours while he was poked and prodded and x-rayed and scanned. He hurt his face, slightly fractured some small bones in his cheek the the doc thinks he'll be fine and he does tend to heal well. All that waiting makes me think I should have an emergency stitching bag ready to go, though hopefully this is the last time for a long while.  I did find a fun new app for my phone though, Paper Toss, where you just flick a crumpled paper into a garbage can, no time limit you just keep flicking, it was a wonderful time killer.
Cindy got lots done
 As did the Cabin, at some point I will get some more of the actual cabin stitched.
And since it was all going so well, a took a small break and stitched up the NCCIH logo, finally getting to use a small piece of brown fabric Carla sent me. I didn't have a large needle to put in like Carla did, so I just stitched it, and since I didn't have any silver thread I used some pretty grey and sparkling Krenkik blending stuff.
Obviously I watched a lot of stuff too.
Downton Abbey S02-E08 to 

Sleepy Hollow S02 E02

Witches of East End S02 E10 & 11
Neil Oliver’s Vikings E02

Brave - As princess movies go, this one is definitely a little different, and so very lush in the visuals. Of course the Gaelic music doesn’t hurt my feelings either.

Bride and Prejudice - A British/Indian production it’s Pride and Prejudice remade as a modern bollywood movie, great fun. 

Bruce Almighty - To start, I am not a Jim Carrey fan, I don’t care for his brand of humor, though I can handle him better than Adam Sandler, Rob Schnider, Will Farrell and the rest of that type.  I own two Carrey movies, The Truman Show which is one of my favorites period, and this one, that just makes me giggle.  I guess adding Morgan Freeman as God was just the right touch 

The Sky is Not The Limit - A documentary about Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, This seems to have been made just before he left to command the ISS so doesn’t include how he got people worldwide excited about space again, and interesting man, a proud Canadian an a bit of a hero of mine. And in telling his story I also learned a lot more about the Canadian space program.

A Bug’s Life - I remember seeing this in the theatre and being wowed by the animation, now having just watched Brave a couple days ago, it seems very primitive, still beautiful though and like most Pixar movies it has a great story.
Bullet to Beijing - Harry Palmer is a british spy played by the great and wonderful Michael Caine, Palmer is the anti-Bond in a way, the move is understated the people look like real people and it's funny and gritty and  interesting, there are 6 Palmer movies 3 filmed in the 60's one in the 70's and 2 in the 90's.  And Caine is in all of them. This is the second to last and filmed in 93, and is mainly about the problems spies were having with the cold war being over and making them redundant.