Saturday, 4 October 2014

I'm Running Out of Title Ideas

So the theme of the week was less hours equals more stitching, which I embraced with gusto.  Until Friday when Dad fell again and I waited in the emergency room for 7 hours while he was poked and prodded and x-rayed and scanned. He hurt his face, slightly fractured some small bones in his cheek the the doc thinks he'll be fine and he does tend to heal well. All that waiting makes me think I should have an emergency stitching bag ready to go, though hopefully this is the last time for a long while.  I did find a fun new app for my phone though, Paper Toss, where you just flick a crumpled paper into a garbage can, no time limit you just keep flicking, it was a wonderful time killer.
Cindy got lots done
 As did the Cabin, at some point I will get some more of the actual cabin stitched.
And since it was all going so well, a took a small break and stitched up the NCCIH logo, finally getting to use a small piece of brown fabric Carla sent me. I didn't have a large needle to put in like Carla did, so I just stitched it, and since I didn't have any silver thread I used some pretty grey and sparkling Krenkik blending stuff.
Obviously I watched a lot of stuff too.
Downton Abbey S02-E08 to 

Sleepy Hollow S02 E02

Witches of East End S02 E10 & 11
Neil Oliver’s Vikings E02

Brave - As princess movies go, this one is definitely a little different, and so very lush in the visuals. Of course the Gaelic music doesn’t hurt my feelings either.

Bride and Prejudice - A British/Indian production it’s Pride and Prejudice remade as a modern bollywood movie, great fun. 

Bruce Almighty - To start, I am not a Jim Carrey fan, I don’t care for his brand of humor, though I can handle him better than Adam Sandler, Rob Schnider, Will Farrell and the rest of that type.  I own two Carrey movies, The Truman Show which is one of my favorites period, and this one, that just makes me giggle.  I guess adding Morgan Freeman as God was just the right touch 

The Sky is Not The Limit - A documentary about Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, This seems to have been made just before he left to command the ISS so doesn’t include how he got people worldwide excited about space again, and interesting man, a proud Canadian an a bit of a hero of mine. And in telling his story I also learned a lot more about the Canadian space program.

A Bug’s Life - I remember seeing this in the theatre and being wowed by the animation, now having just watched Brave a couple days ago, it seems very primitive, still beautiful though and like most Pixar movies it has a great story.
Bullet to Beijing - Harry Palmer is a british spy played by the great and wonderful Michael Caine, Palmer is the anti-Bond in a way, the move is understated the people look like real people and it's funny and gritty and  interesting, there are 6 Palmer movies 3 filmed in the 60's one in the 70's and 2 in the 90's.  And Caine is in all of them. This is the second to last and filmed in 93, and is mainly about the problems spies were having with the cold war being over and making them redundant. 


  1. WOW! You really went all out on the watching and I really enjoyed the blurbs with each one :D If I remember correctly you started Cindy a year ago about now right? The fact that it has taken this long to get almost two thirds done frightens me but excites me at the same time and I am more grateful that ECS isn't completely filled in! Please do fill in more of the cabin...I've been waiting patiently but every time you show us, there are only two sticks of cabin!

    NCCIH is beautiful and I like it better than mine :D Can't wait to go LIVE!

    1. The cabin will fill in once I finish all the foreground snow. which isn't long now. And yeah, Cindy is almost a year old, I'll have to look up the exact date.

  2. Beautiful progress again, Cindy is going really fast now and so is the Cabin, I bet that's because of autumn/winter creeping up :D Lots of watching to; I loved Brave, and Bruce Almighty is really fun.

    I'm glad your dad is more or less okay...he really should be more careful!!