Friday, 17 October 2014

IHSW The Early Edition

It's IHSW and I will be working the whole weekend, hope to get to the hangout with my girls, but it will be a short visit.  However, I did have the last three days of so I did a mid week hermit and stitch, and stitch I did.
Also I go to Skate Canada in less than two weeks (insert happy dance here) and I ended up with the day before off. I had originally planned to drive to Kelowna after work that day, but now I can go early and SHOP, and completely blow my SFS budget if I want because I found the address of two different needlework stores, hopefully they are still there.
But much work was done, on both Cindy
And the Cabin
And watching was done in droves as well
Downton Abbey S03-E5-9 And this is the end of what’s on Netflix, have to be patient now until they put the next one up

Supernatural S10-E02 - Blab, blab, blab blab blab. (I have been told I’m not allowed to blab about what’s going on.

Neil Oliver - Sacred Places of Britain, Vikings is indeed over and now he’s moved on to standing stones.

Sleepy Hollow S02 - E04 Ohhhh Pied piper sighting

Watcher in the Woods - Horror isn’t exactly the first thing you think about with Disney and granted this is
very very light horror, and also a really good but hard to find movie, It came out in ‘80 so just near the end of Disney’s live action family movies. It’s a well put together movie about a family that moves into a old mansion and the something in the woods is haunting the two girls. One of which is Bond Girl Lynn Holly Johnson.

What Women Want - Not this movie apparently, not sure why I bought it originally, it’s now in the “go-away” pile


  1. Look at Cindy!!! You inspire me with your BAP's! The cabin is looking pretty darned good these days (yay for Jeopardy).

    STILL haven't watched Sleepy Hollow and yes...SHH on season 10 of SN, I"m still giggling over blab, blab, blab :D

    I do like Linda Hunt and what's funny is I was just thinking of the commercial for Nike that she came up with where the woman is running and Linda is speaking the words. But I agree it wasn't the best of movies, and yes "go-away" pile :D

  2. Hooray for undisturbed stitching times - that page on Cindy is filling in beautifully, and cabin is coming along great as well ^_^