Friday, 24 October 2014

October SFS

My grand total for SFS this month is, drum-roll please, $0.  I have every intention of spending lots this coming week though, so next month won't be so pretty. I hope to make use of the $50 holiday splurge given to us and then some.  Now watch, I won't find anything.
So last week was IHSW and though I worked all through it, I still got to hang out with most of the girls on Saturday, but as figured mid week was my best stitching time.
Next week is the fun one though, Cindy will get neglected but I will feel no guilt.  On Wednesday I leave for Kelowna (about 2 hours away) for Skate Canada.  I will spend all day Wednesday shopping and have even found a couple needlework stores, not to mention my hotel is across the street from Micheals. And then the rest of the weekend will be taken up with watching 12 hour days of skating, I can't wait.  I will take the Cabin along for the evenings in case I have time.
So there will be no blog next Friday, I will by busy, with the Ladies short according to my schedule.
Did a lot of black half stitches on Cabin this week

And finished this pages part of the bush and the ridiculously pretty shawl on Cindy

And I watched stuff too.
Sleepy Hollow S02-E05

Supernatural S10 E03 WOW did you see blab blab blab, and wasn't blab blab, of course blab blab blab

Witch Hunt - An old made for HBO movie (old as in ‘94) about a PI in 1950’s Hollywood, he refuses to use magic, even though everyone else does.. It’s a sequel to Cast a Deadly Spell, which I unfortunately don’t have.

The Wedding Planner - Just s fun little romantic comedy, of which a lot seem to start
with the letter W.

War of The Worlds - The new one, never quite figured out if I really like it. It’s very well done, but I’m kind of tired of the single person point of view monster movie thing, though at least this one doesn't include the shaky cam.  On the other hand it has fantastic music, decent special effects and Dakota Fanning is incredible in it. Not something I usually say about a child in a movies, but she does an amazing job at showing pure terror.

35 Up, this series continues to be fascinating

Watchmen - It’s a fairly decent adaptation considering how dense the source is.  This was the first “adult” comic I read, I borrow comics from my brother constantly and this was the first that he handed to me with the disclaimer “don’t show Mom” It came out is 86, so I would have been 15 and Mom wouldn't have approved of the constant swearing, still doesn't in fact, we still don’t show those types comics to her.  I remember Watchmen blowing my mind, I had never read a comic like it before, many since, like V for Vendetta , Constantine (which starts on TV tonight, they better not blow it), The Books of Magic (Adult oriented Harry Potter, started 10 years before Potter existed) and the seminal, amazing, need to borrow it again  - Neil Gaimen’s Sandman,
It seems that it was because of Watchmen that they stopped being called comics and became graphic novels, no idea if that’s true, it just seems that way in my mind.
On another not, Watchmen was filmed in Vancouver, and they built a set that comprised an entire block and then left it there, the block is now used by a lot of the Vancouver filmed shows like Arrow and Supernatural. When I went on the Supernatural location tour we got to go there, cool place and very fun to photograph.


  1. Now I have something to look up (35UP) AND I can't stop staring at that ridiculously pretty shawl...and I realize...all you have left to stitch are the stairs! This page is almost done!

    1. Yup, should be on to page 6 by mid November which is around the one year mark, so a page every 3 months or so

  2. I'm jealous cause I want to go see Ice Skating too!!! :( One of these days I'm going with you! Maybe if I win the lottery lol.

    I really really really love that shawl. The colors are just soo pretty!!! Like watercolors :)

    Haven't seen Watchman but it's on my 'to watch' list so I'll get to it eventually. Also, missed Constantine (cause I forgot about it) so I'll have to try to catch it online at some point. Looks like it might be good. I like the movie but I'm not sure if the two have anything to do with each other or not.

    Anywhos, enjoy your skating week!! ^_^

    1. The Contantine movie is... alright compared to the comics, it hits some of the points and will probably be better served in series form, also I think they actually have him British as he should be. It's not on till 10 here so I'll watch it tomorrow.
      I wish you were coming to skating too, I'll take lots of pics

  3. Cindy is lovely as ever, and I'm really starting to like the Cabin lately as well...please try to make a bit of progress while you have fun at the skating!

    1. I shall try to get some done, hotels seem to have bad lighting so that might make it challenging, unless I go buy myself a portable Ott light, which may actually happen.