Tuesday, 22 March 2016

WIPacolypse March

This month’s WIPocolpyse question its (and look I’m even on time, possibly early)

 Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? 

I use hoops, I have small hands and the Q-snaps feel ackward in them and stitch curled up in a sofa so anything larger just won’t  sit well. I do own a couple scroll frames and they work nicely to display things at fall fair time, but they just don’t work for me as a stitching tool.

I’ve had three more ornament finishes as my lovely new charms arrived, so here is July, August and September.

And the unfinished October and start of November.

Also, look, an actual Mulan update as I managed to put in a couple movies in the non curling watching week,

I am almost finished Duck and Friends just the backstitching and name to go, will get the name and actual date of the kid on Easter when I see his grandmother.

As for what I watched.

Critical Role


Charmed S01 E5-8

Women’s World Curling Championships.

The Westminster Dog Show, part 1 - Will get to part 2 after the curling, figure skating and curling.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder - Not as good as the original but still a solid action movie

Divergent - Rather handy that this came up alphabetically just when the new movie came out.  Still love this. And it introduced me to the books which quickly became a personal favorite,

Monday, 14 March 2016

Bunches of Finishes

It’s been a good week for finishes thanks to curling.  Although some have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Last May I went to a wonderful bead store in Vancouver and bought 12 charms to dangle on the Magical ornaments.  I got 12, I watched the lady count out 12 when paying, I very much remember coming home and showing them to Mom and realizing I accidentally got 13 as they are thin and stick together, I used three for the ones I finished last year. And this year rolled around and I got ready for finish more, and could only find 6, I can not figure out where the other 3 or 4 went, I’ve looked everywhere. So easy solution I thought  my friend goes to school right near the wonderful store so I sent him in to get me more. But they were out, but would order some in, that was over a month ago and they have not been able to get them. So as of Saturday night I gave up and ordered some more charms, they are different but a similar size so I’ll do half with the original, and half with the new ones.  I have July, August and September ready to go as soon as the charms arrive therefore guaranteeing that one day later I will find the missing charms, AND my friend will call and tell me the other ones finally arrived.

While I haven’t worked on Mulan at all since the curling started I have started and got quite a ways on the baby announcement thingy for my nephews newest, I’ll have to do two of these this year as his brother’s wife is also expecting. Though I have a Hedwig one in mind for that baby.

As for what I watched

Critical Role including the one year anniversary angst filled episode 

The Brier - Canadian Men’s Curling Championships

Shadowhunters Ep-7 - 9

Sense8 Ep5-12 Great show, can’t wait to see the next season

The Riftworld Chronicles - Just a short movie at the moment, there needs to be more.

Charmed S01 E1-4 A bunch of Charmed stuff showed up on Tumblr lately and I thought it was a good time