Monday, 14 March 2016

Bunches of Finishes

It’s been a good week for finishes thanks to curling.  Although some have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Last May I went to a wonderful bead store in Vancouver and bought 12 charms to dangle on the Magical ornaments.  I got 12, I watched the lady count out 12 when paying, I very much remember coming home and showing them to Mom and realizing I accidentally got 13 as they are thin and stick together, I used three for the ones I finished last year. And this year rolled around and I got ready for finish more, and could only find 6, I can not figure out where the other 3 or 4 went, I’ve looked everywhere. So easy solution I thought  my friend goes to school right near the wonderful store so I sent him in to get me more. But they were out, but would order some in, that was over a month ago and they have not been able to get them. So as of Saturday night I gave up and ordered some more charms, they are different but a similar size so I’ll do half with the original, and half with the new ones.  I have July, August and September ready to go as soon as the charms arrive therefore guaranteeing that one day later I will find the missing charms, AND my friend will call and tell me the other ones finally arrived.

While I haven’t worked on Mulan at all since the curling started I have started and got quite a ways on the baby announcement thingy for my nephews newest, I’ll have to do two of these this year as his brother’s wife is also expecting. Though I have a Hedwig one in mind for that baby.

As for what I watched

Critical Role including the one year anniversary angst filled episode 

The Brier - Canadian Men’s Curling Championships

Shadowhunters Ep-7 - 9

Sense8 Ep5-12 Great show, can’t wait to see the next season

The Riftworld Chronicles - Just a short movie at the moment, there needs to be more.

Charmed S01 E1-4 A bunch of Charmed stuff showed up on Tumblr lately and I thought it was a good time 


  1. Those ornaments look lovely, and the new baby announcment looks like a lot of fun! I hope you can figure your charm situation out and also get back to Mulan soon-ish :)

  2. The ornaments look amazing! Using black was such great idea!

  3. So much goodness! I absolutely love those ornaments on black, it makes all of the wonderful colors stand out so beautifully :D And DUCK and know it's a favorite :D