Friday, 28 March 2014

Oops, I Finished Something Else

I was digging through my stash looking for a pattern for a baby announcement (the kid is only a year old, I'm not late yet.) to keep me from buying the perfect one I found on line, and ran across a bunch of little kits and patterns that Carla sent me in last years BOX. My aunt has her 91st birthday coming up and she's an avid gardener and one of the kits was complete with card, a little Blue Tit.  So I had to make it up for my parents to give to her.  So nice to work on something fast.

The World Figure Skating championships are on, and as stated before, I'm a massive fan, so not a lot of stitching this week, however, this is the last sports thing I follow until July and the Tour de France, so no more distractions. Cindy did get some work done though.

As for what I watched, skating of course
The West Wing S05 E01-02 Still going strong. Love this show.

Supernatural S09 E17  Going into hiatus, no new episodes till mid April

Teen Wolf  S03 Ep 22  Only one to go this season, I have it downloaded but skating got in the way of watching it.

The Abyss - Forget Titanic and Avatar , though I like both, but for me, this is James Cameron’s


Monday, 24 March 2014

March IHSW and SFS Update

I'll start with the Stitch from Stash, those bookmarks keep making me spend money. I needed more floss because they guzzle it like an old SUV guzzles gas.  So I thought I 'd be able to keep the spending to that one skein, but no. then I had to have a thought. More on that to come.

So spending this month
Floss .85
Sword charms 2.07

For a grand total of $2.92

As for IHSW had a lovely, if short due to work wanting me to well, work, hangout with the gang. haven't caught Leonore yet, but I will.

Not a huge amount of progress on Cindy, but she's coming along nicely

Here is the final finished bookmark Martell 

And then I spent the day putting them all together.  I was looking at my Lord of the Rings bookmarks. (store-bought) and saw the pretty little charms on the tassel and decided I wanted that. I found some perfect little sword charms on Etsy and they should arrive next week.
Here are all 9 cut out and backed with felt.
And here's the finished product, minus the little swords.

Friday, 21 March 2014

IHSW and Dropping Racks. and Getting Close

It's IHSW YAYYYYY!!! Can't wait to get to Carla's hangout and talk to everyone, of course I'm going to be late (as usual, Carla's starting to call me Princess it's so predictable) due to work, but I'll get there eventually.
I had an exciting time at work this week, I tipped over a rack with bread dough on top of me while in the proofer. Now understand that the proofer is essentially a sauna, and I hate saunas, so there I am holing up a 6 foot rack full of bread dough and I can't move, cause if I do, all the bread will fall and I'll have to start the day all over again, not an option I wanted to explore.  Luckily one of my co-workers heard the crash and came to rescue me. (We shall not mention the new guy who came over, said "huh, are the donuts ready" and then left.) Kat, my lovely rescuer emptied the rack while I held it up, very little bread was lost and I only had a few bruises, ( and a deep dislike of the new guy) It's amusing now when I think of it, I can just imagine what it looked like.

Work continued on Cindy and I still adore her

And I finished Lannister and started Martell, I will probably finish this weekend.  I made a mock up bookmark tonight to see if the felt, eyelets and leather strips would work the way I wanted, and they did, and easier than I expected so I'm very happy about that.

As for what I watched

The Air Up There - Not the last sports movie that’s on this list, not by a mile, I love them, and also Kevin Bacon, love him too.

Merlin S01 Ep03

Teen Wolf  S03 E21 Near the end, I have the next uploaded, but I'm going to wait until the season finale to watch both

Supernatural S09 E16 - Crowley was in this one, so it was of course perfect.

West Wing S04 E16-23 Season Four finished, now on to 5

Three Worms and an Orchestra - A concert video of The Arrogant Worms and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, which is a strange pairing.  The Worms are a Canadian comedy band that I adore. I mean listen to this, how can you not love them.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day in case you didn't' know.  Other than that's it's been a fairly quiet week, better hours at work were the only thing in stitchings way, Except for today when I didn't touch Cindy, but that's because my sister and I went out on a photo day.  Now this was originally suppose to be her kidnapping me for a day or two long expedition, probably Thursday and Friday. But my schedule changed and I had to work friday  so then it became an day long excursion on Thursday with her coming up Wed night. But then her schedule changed and she couldn't come till Thursday evening. So today I was to get off at noon and we'd go somewhere, and then I had to work longer, so it became a quick trip to the wharf..... and then it rained and we went for coffee instead.
However after coffee the sun came out and back to the lake we went. so I didn't get any stitching done, but I did get pictures like this.
As for Cindy and Lannister, progress was made on both, in fact I finished the first page of Cindy, which is actually page 4 and now I've moved onto page 1
What I watched this week
The Brier Curling final - congratulations  Team Alberta.

West Wing S04 E11-15
Around the World in 80 Days - The Pierce Brosnon mini series of the 80’s he did several minis back then and I watched them all, I’m such a fan.

Antz - Probably the only Woody Allen movie I’ll ever own, this is cute, but not one of my favorites. In truth I forgot I had it and it is unlikely that I would have watched it again if I hadn’t started the movie project, might see if one of my niece or nephew would like it for their kids.
Arachnophobia - Like Antz I bought this in a video stores pre-viewed bargain bin, and have maybe watched it once. but what a fun movie. This is why I wanted to rewatch all my movies, I’m discovering some fun stuff.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest - This may be my favourite of the three, I enjoy legal dramas, but I am a bit disappointed that after four Swedish subtitled movies recently, I haven’t managed to learn any Swedish 
Pompeii - A disaster movie so of course I was going to go, but it turned out to be a good one, but it did make me want to rewatch Spartacus.

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Brier

So when I said I was back to the old routine, I lied. I forgot that this was the week of the Brier - Canadian Men's curling championships for those that don't know. Now I'm a curling fan, but not as fanatical about it as I am figure skating.  The sports network shows all of the draws, so 3 games a day. On most years I will watch a few during the week and then all the finals on the weekend.  But this year they are being played in my time zone, so it's feasible to watch everything. Not that I usually would but......... they are being played about 100km away in Kamloops. Also about 5 years ago the Canadian Junior Championships were held in my town and there were 3 player from that year at this years Brier. I was fun to see them again.
So I had to do it.  I went and watched a draw on Tuesday took hoards of pictures and got myself into a massive curling mood, and have been watching everything.
And then next week is spring break and my sister is talking about stealing me for a couple days and doing some sort of photographic road trip, which sounds like fun but has me a bit confused.  We haven't gone on a vacation together since I was 11, we aren't exactly close, so I'm not sure why she's all gung ho about getting together. mid life crisis maybe? And the week after is the Women's Worlds Curling, and I'm hooked now, so watch it I will.  And the next week is the World Figure Skating Championships. So I guess the old routine is gone for a while.
As for stitching, Cindy didn't get a lot of attention as I watch the curling upstairs with my parents. which means Lannister has been going very well

And what I watched, isn't much

Rise of  the Guardians  - That was awesome, how come I’ve never see it before.

West Wing S04 E09-10

Merlin S01E01 I’ve been trying to watch this for a couple years. But only manage the first few episode due to bad connections and spotty downloading.  Now it has finally shown up on Netflix so I will get to watch it all

Curling, lots and lots of curling.