Monday, 24 March 2014

March IHSW and SFS Update

I'll start with the Stitch from Stash, those bookmarks keep making me spend money. I needed more floss because they guzzle it like an old SUV guzzles gas.  So I thought I 'd be able to keep the spending to that one skein, but no. then I had to have a thought. More on that to come.

So spending this month
Floss .85
Sword charms 2.07

For a grand total of $2.92

As for IHSW had a lovely, if short due to work wanting me to well, work, hangout with the gang. haven't caught Leonore yet, but I will.

Not a huge amount of progress on Cindy, but she's coming along nicely

Here is the final finished bookmark Martell 

And then I spent the day putting them all together.  I was looking at my Lord of the Rings bookmarks. (store-bought) and saw the pretty little charms on the tassel and decided I wanted that. I found some perfect little sword charms on Etsy and they should arrive next week.
Here are all 9 cut out and backed with felt.
And here's the finished product, minus the little swords.


  1. Dammit, now I WANT to make them!!!! Complete with eyelets and sword charms! Must resist this too....rats!

    1. I'd say something about them being a free pattern, but you'd make up for it in floss. I'm so happy with them, and can't wait to get my swords, the pack comes with 10 so I'll have a spare one for myself.

  2. By the way....these are AWESOME!

  3. Big yay on finishing the bookmarks! Still not sure how I will finish mine, but plenty of time left to think.

  4. Congrats on the finish bookmarks! Love how fancy they look with the tassels and I can't wait to see them with the charms. Going to have to put an eyelet puncher thing on my future birthday/christmas wish list so I can fancy up my bookmarks too. :)