Friday, 21 March 2014

IHSW and Dropping Racks. and Getting Close

It's IHSW YAYYYYY!!! Can't wait to get to Carla's hangout and talk to everyone, of course I'm going to be late (as usual, Carla's starting to call me Princess it's so predictable) due to work, but I'll get there eventually.
I had an exciting time at work this week, I tipped over a rack with bread dough on top of me while in the proofer. Now understand that the proofer is essentially a sauna, and I hate saunas, so there I am holing up a 6 foot rack full of bread dough and I can't move, cause if I do, all the bread will fall and I'll have to start the day all over again, not an option I wanted to explore.  Luckily one of my co-workers heard the crash and came to rescue me. (We shall not mention the new guy who came over, said "huh, are the donuts ready" and then left.) Kat, my lovely rescuer emptied the rack while I held it up, very little bread was lost and I only had a few bruises, ( and a deep dislike of the new guy) It's amusing now when I think of it, I can just imagine what it looked like.

Work continued on Cindy and I still adore her

And I finished Lannister and started Martell, I will probably finish this weekend.  I made a mock up bookmark tonight to see if the felt, eyelets and leather strips would work the way I wanted, and they did, and easier than I expected so I'm very happy about that.

As for what I watched

The Air Up There - Not the last sports movie that’s on this list, not by a mile, I love them, and also Kevin Bacon, love him too.

Merlin S01 Ep03

Teen Wolf  S03 E21 Near the end, I have the next uploaded, but I'm going to wait until the season finale to watch both

Supernatural S09 E16 - Crowley was in this one, so it was of course perfect.

West Wing S04 E16-23 Season Four finished, now on to 5

Three Worms and an Orchestra - A concert video of The Arrogant Worms and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, which is a strange pairing.  The Worms are a Canadian comedy band that I adore. I mean listen to this, how can you not love them.


  1. WOW look at you go on Cindy! And congratulations on getting the Lannister bookmark done :D

    1. All done, I'm all done, except for putting them together.

  2. I can't wait to see all these bookmarks done. Cindy is looking great too.

    1. Bookmarks are done, will put up the pic of the last one tonight, and hopefully finished product on Friday.