Friday, 26 September 2014

Sept. SFS

It's time for the SFS roundup, spent more than usual this month because of the Sewing Basket (where I get my floss) moving sale, I stocked up a bit more but it was 20% off, so I'm sure you all understand.
My spending went like this

Linen $8.78
Floss  $12.20
Total $20.98

But work was light so stitching was achieved Cabin was worked on

As was Cindy

And of course with all that stitching came watching

Witches of East End S2 E09, Oh the main characters died? Of course they did, they always do on shows I watch, can’t wait to see how they get resurrected

Downton Abbey S02 E07

The Sing-Off - To the Finale, wonder if this is cancelled again?

Sleepy Hollow - S02 E01 The new season starts with a very confusing bang.

Neil Oliver’s Vikings - Neil is a archeologist historical documentarien , he has a beautiful voice, scotch accent and great hair, I’ve seen parts of several of his document series on Britain, and now he has started one on Scandinavia and the Vikings, it looks as good as the rest, can’t wait for the next ep.

The Maze Runner - I enjoyed this but they had way more questions than answers, I’m hoping it does well enough for the next book to be filmed, or more likely I’ll just go buy them

Bon Cop, Bad Cop - A rare Canadian movie that was made strictly for Canadians,  not a good one to stitch too as it was completely bilingual, and I don’t know French that well. It’s a buddy cop movie with the murders happening in both Montreal and Toronto, so a lot of culture clash, and it’s about hockey sort of, told you it was really Canadian.

Bottle Shock - A movie about the Napa Valley in 1976 when they started beating the French wines, It’s Alan Rickman and Bill Pullman, that’s why I originally watched it, and it turned out to be a fun fantastic movie.


  1. This page on Cindy is growing super fast again! Cabin is starting to look awesome as well, and yay for the spending, seems like you made a really good deal!

    You watching so many interesting shows I've never heard of before, we have to hurry up and finish our 'mainstream' ones so we can go exploring :D

    1. Ahh but you are watching Supernatural, one of my all time favorites, so don't worry about hurrying through, I'd love to get hold of some of the German ones you watch though

  2. Look at you go and I'm not even close to being caught up on my blog reading yet!!