Friday, 19 September 2014

IHSW September edition

Where did this week go, I can't seem to remember it actually happening. I'd blame work, but it's already started slowing down there. But I did finally get a smart phone, now I'll spend the next month trying to figure it out.  Oh well stitching got done and that's what really matters.  And since it's IHSW even more will get done, mostly during a hangout with the NCCIH crew
So without further ado, here is the progress on the cabin, Jeopardy has started again for the year which means the cabin is finally getting some attention

And Cindy was worked on as well

As for what I watched, not much I think napping won this week
Downton Abbey S02 E05-06 I’m really enjoying this series

American Ninja Warrior, End of whatever season this is, and the against the world show

The Sing Off - I watched Season Three a few years ago and really enjoyed it, then it was cancelled, and then it wasn’t.


  1. It was cancelled and then it wasn't? That is hilarious! And you were on your smart phone more than you were stitching naughty girl!!

  2. THat cabin is going to be really pretty, I was sceptical at first about the dark fabric but now that you stitched more it's starting to look awesome :D