Monday, 22 September 2014

IHSW recap

So the plan was:
Saturday- day off work, hangout with the girls all day and stitch
Sunday - work, matinee, nap, enter thread into app.  in that order
Monday - work, stitch, nap in that order
And it went fine to start with, hangout was wonderful, one of the few times that all four of us have been on at the same time, though Carla claims I was on my new phone more than I was stitching, but Carla found a great app for my new toy, the Cross Stitch Thread Companion, which keeps track of the floss we have and what we need.
Sunday worked out too, spent about an hour documenting my floss into the app
Monday however is when things went awry, I had just barely got home from work, when Dad tripped and hit is head on the ground, so off we went to the emergency room, he's fine, just some stitches, no concussion, but we spent 2 hours in the hospital so stitching didn't get stitched.  So here is Saturday's progress on Cindy


  1. That page is filling out so nicely! It was great to see everyone at the hangout, we have to do that more often!

    Good to hear your dad is alright, tell him to be more careful!

  2. Oh no! Glad to hear your dad is okay though. And I have that app (or something similar) for my phone. ^_^ It's pretty useful I just need to finish organizing all of it though.

    Cindy is looking great though! ^_^