Thursday, 9 January 2014

Catching up

The co-worker on medical leave is now back to work, which means my hours are drastically reduce, I will enjoy this for about two weeks before I'll start begging for hours again.  Which means that I have spent this week catching up on shows. So lots and lots of stuff I watched. and quite a bit of stitching as well.
I'm putting this up a day early because tomorrow the Canadian Figure Skating Championships start and I will be spending all day Friday and Saturday watching them, no time for blogging, watching West Wing, or even that much stitching, but I will be very, very, happy.

So as the year of Teresa Wentzler moves on, I have got quite a bit done on this week, it's to big to drag from the living room to the computer room, so it really only gets worked on while watching DVD's not downloads, yes I don't have one of those fancy TV, BlueRay what have you things that have umpteen watching options, it's cable, DVD or VHS only in that room.

On the other hand the bookmarks are very movable, so they are both my Jeopardy watching piece and the one for in front of the computer so on a week like this where I'm catching up on series, I got a lot done. I finished Tully and have started on Stark, 4 1/2 down 41/2 to go.

So this week, my viewing goes something like this
The West Wing Season 2 Ep 1 - 8

The 10th Kingdom, this show was a lot of fun,
glad I bought it for a ridiculously cheap price.

                                          Sherlock Season 3 Ep 1  I'm not as massive a fan  as some of my friends, or half the internet, but it's still a wonderful show.

White Collar Season 5 Ep 7-9
I love this show, to catch a thief type

shows are a personal favorite,

I loved Remington Steele and Leverage as well

                                Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Ep 7-10 This is a new favorite, has a lot of similarities to Supernatural without being a complete ripoff, In my head they take place in the same world and just haven't met yet

My movie queue didn't go as planned this week, unless I spell Twelfth Night, as 12th Night, then it works.But January 6th is twelfth night, so Shakespeare must be watched, it's the law. In my head, And it's staying that way since this is my favorite play

Yesterday, I watched nearly 6 hours worth of The Hobbit.
The Unexpected Journey in the afternoon, and then went to
Desolation of Smaug at the theatre


  1. Wow!! Progress, so much progress!!! Tell me, how are you enjoying the Hobbit movies? I've heard mixed reviews and we both know I'll buy them for blu-ray when they are all out, but since your opinion is pretty much the same as mine on these things, what do you think?

    1. The Hobbits are awesome, they deviate from the book more than LOTR did but still, it's like visiting the house of an old friend. And yeah, lots of work got done, cause I'm not at work, The bookmarks especially this week. And next week is IHSW isn't it. In which case YAY, I'm off Friday and Saturday and my friend is out of town so no lunch dates, AT LEAST TWO DAYS FREE FOR STITCHING!!!!!!!

    2. Yes! how wonderful. What makes IHSW even BETTER is I have Monday off so I get three days of stitching fun :D I hope you do too!

      Lenore's blog said her order from sewandso can in super fast so I'm hoping mine will too so I can start my English Cottage Sampler OMG I'm so excited!!

    3. I have the Thursday off as well, so I can start early. but I'm leaving it open so I can DEMAND the other two days.

  2. Nice progress you've been making, on Cindy as well as the bookmarks (feeling the need to try these myself some time...*sigh*).

    And lots of watching series, which is nice too! - though at leat for me, something seems to be wrong with your post here. No picture, just lots of disoriented sentences floating at strange places.

    Also, I have to agree, I liked the Hobbits a lot, too - just not so much comparing with the book inside my head, and they are great *g*

    1. For me the pictures were there originally and are now disappearing one at a time, very strange. Definitely not posting them in this method ever again. The bookmarks are a wonderful pattern that are wandering around on Deviant Art. they are big though which is why they are now NEXT Christmas' present for my brother.