Friday, 3 January 2014

2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler

Well welcome to the new year, so far it's been pretty good. I finished the super secret project and sent it on it's way to it's new home, will post pic once it gets there. Also got work done on the bookmark
But now for the important part,

It is now  2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler
If I remember semi correctly this idea came up months ago in a random conversation with Carla.  We were congratulating ourselves in keeping with the promises we vowed for 2013, hers to organize and work on leaflets that she had been collecting for years, and myself to word on smaller projects as well as my BIG ones, Cause I love a Big Ass Project.   We were thinking about what plans we would have for 2014 and of course I already knew I'd be spending most of the year working on Stroke of Midnight, so we came up with the Year of Teresa Wentzler, I took a head start as I was ready to begin at the end of November, but since this piece will probably take me all year I didn't think it was cheating.  I love Teresa's notes on this one
This piece is BIG. Add to that the blended floss colors, the usual quota of fractional stitches, and a fairly large over-one area and this piece becomes a true stitching marathon! For the experienced stitcher who is accustomed to complex designs, it shouldn't pose any problems, but it is definitely not a piece for beginners.
Good thing I like big projects, this is where I am right now.

I have a couple other random resolutions in place for this year.
1) I joined Stitch from Stash and will try to keep my spending to $25 a month, but since I already have everything I need for Cinderella I should be able to manage this.
2) and this is the strange one, after rearranging my shelves due to making St. Peter's Basilica  out of books,  I realized how many of my DVD's I hadn't watched in years, so I'm going to watch all the movies I own (not downloaded) in alphebetical order, sort of.  I will be watching a disc of a TV series - West Wing- at the moment and then a movie then the TV show, starting with #'s then Z's. then A's then Y's etc, should take me at least a year, I,  again have already started this and have gotten, well, no where really I'm still in the #'s
So without further ado, what I have watched this week.

The West Wing, finished season 1

The 10th Kingdom, a great miniseries that I bought sight unseen from Amazon to up my order to get free shipping, I'm loving this show, only one episode left, and it has the most wonderful opening sequence.

Also went to see Frozen finally, been trying all month but finally got to the matinee on the last day it was showing in our theatre (remind me to dedicate a blog to the theatre, it deserves one)
Well I loved Frozen so much I went back to the evening show. 
Note if it worries you, this vid does contain spoilers, but it's awesome.


  1. Did you start in the upper left hand corner of the pattern? And are you working one color at a time? Or, for the purpose of TW, are working one blended colors at a time haha! I love your idea of revisiting the videos you have...I have a few, like Farscape (I cannot watch it again because the final show still has me traumatized) and Millenium, and so on :D Once Numbers is finished I should get on that!

    1. Did you watch the Frozen clip, is it not awesome!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot of movies, so that project will probably take a long time, especially since I keep adding to them.
      And yes, upper left hand, row by row, using as much of one colour as I can, and when that thread is done, or I can't move on to a different spot, I go to the next empty square and start again with that colour. And it's finally starting to look like something. which is cool.

  2. Hurray for your progress on Stroke of Midnight - I agree, it's starting to 'look like something', though it's probably gonna be a while until we see something else than gray. It's a good thing you have that many movies to help you along, your DVD-Challenge sounds nice - I'm curious what may lurk in the depth of your shelves :3

    1. True, the entire first page is mostly shades of gray. I'm a little curious what movies I have myself, I tend to but when they are on sale and then forget I have them, NO MORE.