Friday, 31 January 2014

I broke my thumb

Well not actually, broke as in not working properly, I did nothing to the bones, it just doesn't want to bend, and once it does bend, it doesn't want to unbend. And I think stitching was to blame, it started in earnest during the IHSW when I had 5 days off. So I decided to ease off a bit this week, to do this, I watched a subtitled movie. And as I have hit the "A's" in my movie queue I have a couple more subtitled movies to watch soon, this is the only concession I'm making,

So despite that, I did get a lot done this week, and am just starting 4 in a row off work.  Cindy is coming along beautifully, I'm loving it more everyday

And I finished Greyjoy and have moved on the the black fabric and Targaryen (Yay dragons)

I had hopes of getting out to take pictures this week, but we had fog...all week...and not the pretty frosty fog either, just horrible socked in fog.  Until today, when the sun came out and it was spectacularly gorgeous when I got off work, so I went straight down to the wharf, only to find that my batteries in my back up camera (the one I had with me) hated the cold and were dead. one I think permanently. I mean really, it's only 10years old or so. So here's a pic of the wharf from a few years ago so you can know what I missed.

The West Wing Season 3 Ep 1-11 Includes the very tastefully done tribute to 9-11

The Legend of Zorro - Not as good as the first but still a fun romp

Singing in the Rain - Another one that my parents were watching so I had to watch too, I adore Gene Kelly, along with Howard Keel, he’s one of my all time favorite actors, obviously I’m a big fan of musicals.

White Collar s05 ep11 Can’t wait to see what happens in the season finale

Teen Wolf s03ep15 Gotta love an insane Stiles

I. Frankenstein.  - (in theatre) A good cheap night show. Typical comic book storyline, but with a well thought out mythology.

Zathura : A Space Adventure - I love this one, it’s got the exact same premise as Jumanji, but I’ve always preferred Zathura. I guess I just like the Sci-Fi aspect better. And as a bonus, Kristian Stewart actually plays more than one emotion, but this was before Twilight when she was still a good up an coming actress , Also starts a young Josh Hutcherson

Aladdin - I love Disney, this isn’t one of my favorite favorites, never been fond of
stunt casting , but Disney does it so rarely in it’s animated shows that I will forgive them, and admittedly Robin Williams did make an awesome genie.

Supernatural  - S09E12 - Sharp Teeth - I love Garth

The Girl Who Played With Fire - The subtitled movie to save my thumb,
these are so well made, but a tad brutal, though not quite so much as the first. And I have not managed to learn any Swedish, which is disappointing.

Also, you must watch this!!!!!!


  1. I know, isn't that awesome. Hoping for sun again tomorrow, maybe I'll get those pictures yet.,

  2. Looks like you made quite some nice progress on Cindy, good job ^_^ Boo on your broken thumb though, I hope it will be better soon :/

    1. Thanks, don't think it's anything serious, just going to baby it for a bit.

  3. 1) Love the Neil Gaiman bit there
    2) Cindy is looking great!!!!! Good to see another color besides shades of grey ;)

    Sorry about your thumb. :(

    1. Neil Gaiman is awesome, that's all I can say about him. And yes, it was so nice to switch colours, will be having some green soon too.

  4. Ouch! Sounds like your thumb has suffered the results of being used so much suddenly. I have this tape called Co-flex which is a wrinkly tape that supports without supporting too much which I use when my finger joints get overly sensitive that also stops the "locking" of a joint which is what you seem to be getting now. even a bit of that bandage tape would help stop it over extending which might help rest too.:)

    Your progress is amazing looking at it now compared to the beginning of the year :)

    1. Ohh thanks for the suggestion I'm going to try that, it's been better this week, course I haven't stitched as much either.