Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pre-Olympic rambling

When I was in grade 2 or 3 we had to write a paragraph on your favorite hobby.  I wrote my paragraph on watching the Olympics, I still wonder if my teacher thought that was a tad strange, especially since it wasn't even an Olympic year.   The truth of it has never changed I am an obsessive watcher of the Games.  (Good thing I'm Canadian, because, I'm sorry but the U.S. coverage of it sucks) And winter even more so than summer since my favorite sport to watch period is figure skating. (Yes Carla, curling is also awesome) I'm bringing this up now because it all starts tomorrow. Which means there isn't likely to be another blog until the games are done, not a lot of stitching either. especially on Cindy due to her need to take up way to much space.

Also I'm early on this blog because I need to whine, just a little.  Had lunch with one of my best friends today, really the only one that lives in my town, it was kind of a good bye lunch as he's moving away, not far, about 5 hours away, but still we won't be able to get together for our weekly coffee/lunch.  I'm going to miss him and have been feeling a bit sorry for myself today.

But enough of the pouting. I followed in Carla's example this week, and made a LIST, it's in my tab thingee which I managed to figure out, it's shorter than hers and not as organized, but that's how I do things anyway. Work got done on both Cindy and the GOT bookmarks. And things got watched as well. I even reorganized my Barbie cabinets and made my Barbie Olympic display. And watched lots of stuff of course.

White Collar S05E13 - Season Finale, there better be a sixth, they can’t leave it hanging there.

West Wing S03 E12-19

Glee S01 E18 - I have a bit of a love/hate thing with Glee, love the musical aspect, hate how unrealistic, mean and stupid the teachers are. For a show that prides itself on  pride and stopping bullying, there sure are a lot of bullies as protagonists. But I watch a few episodes when the mood hits.

Aladdin: The Return of Jafar -and Aladdin and The King of Thieves  I don’t have that many of the Disney sequels, but the Aladdin ones are kind of fun, especially the 3rd one.

Teen Wolf S03 E16 - Seriously, what’s going on!!!!

Frozen - Yes I went again.with that same friend, it was a very extended goodbye

100 Degrees Below Zero - I love all the really bad disaster movies on Netflix, they are just so much fun, the image and name really have nothing to do with what’s going on, but for a low low low budget Asylum produced movie, this one was pretty good, of course it helps that it starred Jeff Fahey and John Rhys-Davies

Supernatural S09E13 One of the funny ones, that then rips your heart out at the
end, typical Supernatural


  1. I will miss Aaron with you because I know he is so incredibly important to you <3 You still have US, and we will be here to try and take up his slack! I'm thinking you and I can do a "scotch" night, which will have to be soon so you can ease your sorrows by getting tipsy :D

    1. I'll be fine for the first couple weeks, I tend to hibernate during the Olympics, but once it's over and I'm ready to re-enter the world I'll really miss him. So yeah, scotch night would be good, Or try out one of my cocktail recipe books

  2. Figure skating!! ^_^ I wish I could already be watching the Olympics instead of having to wait till 7pm. >.< Oh well.

    1. Yeah, I'm more than a little obsessed about figure skating, I've even been to 2 world championships, however I cannot skate, at all.

  3. Some nice progress again - how much for for page 1 of Cindy?

    Also, have a lot of fun watching the Olympics - I hardly ever watch any sports voluntarily xD