Friday, 21 February 2014

February SFS and IHSW

Quick post to update my SFS. I really thought I'd have a zero month, but then the bookmarks ran me out of red and Cindy ran me out of white, so floss shopping I had to go so
SFS Febuary total
Floss - $1.70

I'm such a big spender. Didn't even take advantage of the splurge weekend, did find a pattern for yet another BAP but that was after the weekend so I refrained, also I DON'T NEED IT. Seriously have you seen my list, I am not allowed to get anymore BAPs for 3 years. I'd be highly surprised if I manage to stick to that vow.. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

As figured I've barely stitched at all in the last two weeks, my Olympic obsession is alive and well and having lots of fun. Though given the 12 hour time difference, sleep has been elusive, but it does leave my afternoon free to join Carla's IHSW hangout. Which will be the first time I've worked on Cindy since my last update.
I have done a little on the bookmarks though, got a fair chunk of Targaryen done

As for what I watched, well the Olympics and Jeopardy of course
Here's a great pic of the Gold medal Canadian Curling teams

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  1. Well, considering how disctracted you were by awesome canadian olympia performance, I guess that's still quite some progress ^_^ I really need to get started on these bookmarks myself...