Wednesday, 1 June 2016

This Time Last Year

It is once again time for WIPocalypse and this month’s question is

What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it?

Last year I was of course stitching my beloved Cindy, which is now finished, framed, given to mom and hanging on her wall.  I was also working on Music, which is also finished, framed and hung and even won second prize at the fair last year. Framed picture here are why I always do my finished pics unframed, that glare just defeats me every time

I had another finish, this lovely little Mill Hill Nativity that will be given to my Sister in Law for her birthday in September, along with an angel I haven’t started yet.
But first a new birth thingy for her son’s new son, pattern is picked and will probably be started tomorrow.
I’ve also made quite a bit of progress on Mulan

As for what I watched.

Critical Role

Supernatural  - Season 11 Finale - Carry On My Wayward Son!!

Gilmore Girls S01 E01-  I always meant to watch this and never got around to
it, I guess it was time.

U-571 - I don’t have a lot of war movies, but I’ve always enjoyed this one, it does have every military movie cliché going, but still a good ride.


  1. Oh those finishes from last ear are gorgeous!!!!!!!! I also love your Mulan. Did you get her from one of the Disney resorts?????

  2. I love your last year projects and even though we've seen them a lot when you were working on them, it's so nice to see them once more! And now Mulan is that far along already as well, she's looking stunning!
    And yay for Gilmore Girls! I love that show, I really need to rewatch it at some point...

  3. Gee, you are so FINISHED, so polished! sighhh, if only I could learn from you :D