Wednesday, 29 June 2016

June WIPocalypse

Time for a very late WIPocalypse update. June's question is
 Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

I’m definitely more productive in winter, I stay in and watch movies more then, also I’m obsessed with the Tour de France, (which starts on Saturday YAY!!!) and it’s hard to stitch through that as the scenery is what first drew me to the race.
So not as much stitching done in July and August is the Olympics and there’s apparently a stitching challenge for that that I will have to think about.
Mulan is coming right along, the skirt is blocks of colour, so faster to do, but less exciting.

Hedwig birth announcement barely got touched until today but here’s a little progress anyway.

As for what I watched. I actually managed to get to the theatre a couple times lately, with the change of my hours (4am being the latest I start) I can’t really get to the evening shows and still function.  However it’s really easy to go to matinees. It’s just our smallish town only has weekday matinees when there is no school so I’m good now for the next couple months, and Independence Day is next on my must see list.

Critical Role

Daredevil S01 E07-13 Great show, glad the second season is already available, but first

Jessica Jones S01 E01-03 More of a noir thriller but set in the Marvel universe, can’t wait to see where this is going

Ever After - A wonderful retelling of Cinderella without the fantasy

Finding Dory - I worry about sequels sometimes, but no need to worry about this one, so much fun

Warcraft - To start, I don’t play video games, don’t own any systems, but have
a  very vague knowledge of the Warcraft universe, but there aren’t enough high fantasy movies out there so I’m willing to try anything, and this was a very satisfying way to spend the evening, I hope there is another one as the ending leaves it wide open for sequels.


  1. Mulan looks gorgeous aund Hedwig so cute, great progress overall! I really enjoyed the Warcraft Movie, and I'm looking forward to Finding Dory, it's not on here yet.

  2. Mulan looks great, hope those blocks of color do go fast for you!

  3. Mulan is excellent, but again there seems to be some owl on your blog.....