Friday, 17 June 2016

Quick update

I guess it’s time for an update, I can’t believe at the beginning of the year I thought I might be able to do three projects at once, one per each room I stitch in. Life decided I couldn’t do that.  Thanks to a much earlier start time in the work schedule (1am and 2am starts) I no longer get to watch Jeopardy most nights as I need sleep. So very little Jeopardy stitching will get done,  therefore upstairs project has had to move downstairs to be my movie project stitching. Said stitching is the just started Hedwig birth announcement

Mulan is moving along well, I’ve gotten to the large block sections, quicker going, but not as interesting to do, I seem to be made for complicated patterns

As for what I watched.
Critical Role

Gilmore Girls S01 E19-21 S02 E01-02

Daredevil S01 E01-06 - The good Neflix series, not the movie that should have been better

Up - A really fun adventure that starts with one of the greatest cinematic love stories. 

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - Bad guys hijack a train, they picked the wrong one as Steven Segal was a passenger.

Now You See Me 2 - Should have been called Now You Don’t, wasted opportunity there. Twas good, didn’t have the magic of the first but still really good for an uncalled for sequal.

El Dorado - I’m not a big western person, but Mom, Dad and my brother are so I watched a lot growing up, And this one is one of my favourites, typical western story line, ranchers against the big bad rich outsider that wants to buy up all the land. Also it was the beginning of my celebrity crush on James Caan.


  1. I'm a bit sad that you don't get Jeopardy time anymore, but then I know how happy you are with your new work all together so I guess it's okay, kinda. Great progress on sour stitching, Mulan is coming along so nicely, I think you will be done with her much quicker than I thought, maybe even this year?

    1. I think I shall finish this year, she's going rather quickly, Ashley will be happy.

  2. There seems to be some owl on your blog......