Sunday, 24 September 2017

It's WIPocalypse, September chapter

I thought I still had a week to do this and was actually thinking of doing a mid quick blog before the Wipocalypse happened, but I failed at that miserably as I am unable to read a calendar properly. Which means I have a bunch of stuff to report on, beware this will be photo heavy

First though, the question of the month: Which floss (or color of floss) do you absolutely adore and want to stash constantly?
I'm not to picky on type of floss as long as it is good quality, I love the look of metallics even though I hate working with them, and variegated colours are such fun.  So I suppose I'm more of a colour hoarder, blues and green, and especially teals out number everything, though I do love anything vibrant.

This has being a busy month for me, the fair is always an important part of my life, I am an convener for the fruit division, which means I take in and organize all the entries and make my division look pretty, It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun, I work with the Vegetable convener a lot as we share table space.
I also enter stuff as well, usually some photography, which unfortunately I didn't win anything on this year and of course I enter cross stitching,  five pieces this year which is probably a record for me.  And I did awesome, I won 2nd with my Canada 150 pillow int he cushion category, third with my little Dala horse for the original design category.  I won second with Vimy Ridge in the Sampler category AND it also won for most patriotic stitching which is a special $50 prize this year only, to celebrate Canada 150,
Also I finally won the BIG prize, best Best Picture Overall in Needlework with Mulan which is a framing gift certificate worth $75, I've been chasing this prize for years and am insanely happy that I won it.

I took the 10 days off  work so I could work the fair, it makes my life so much easier to do that and since I had that time off I grabbed my parents the day after the fair and we went for a drive to Yoho park, the home of my favorite waterfall, it's a long day but so worth it, and I got some amazing pictures.

But I also got stitching done, I am almost finished the adorable Halloween Cat for Carla and Leonore's SAL
I also started a little Christmas ornament, but I don't have pics of that yet, as there is nothing really to see

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina

Shadowhunters S02 13-20 I really enjoy how they adapted this series, looking forward to season 3

Moana - I know I’m a year late on this, but I finally watched it and it is so

IT - I’m not much one for horror movies, but due to a high school friendship, I have a deep emotional attachment to IT, and this movie was definitely  worth seeing, can’t wait for part 2

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  1. Busy month for you, but so worth it with all the wins! Congrats on the big prize especially, Mulan is really stunning. And that turquoise water at that!