Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Real August WIPopacalypse

I never noticed until now that I mistitled last month WIPopacalyse as August and not July.  Maybe that explains why the summer went to fast.
So the question of the month is
"How do you get yourself out of a stitching drought?"   For me this is usually as simple as changing what I watch. I'll often wait out a drought though, they have never lasted long with me.

August has been to hot and smokey to be very ambitious with anything other than hide in the basement stitching,  I did have GISHWHES of which it has been announced that this is the final year, I am so glad I got to compete in all the years, I have made some great friends and done some amazingly fun stuff thanks to this insane scavenger hunt. See what it is here.

I didn't do a lot of items this time round but I was particulary proud of this one,

Your strict neighborhood HOA (Homeowners’ Association) got replaced by a better HOA: the Hopeful Optimist’s Association. They’ve decided that your lawn isn’t quite up to regulations. Get your front yard up to snuff by building a large-scale, jaw-dropping sculpture or structure dedicated to Hope. Make it so magnificent that motorists backup & park to gaze at its beauty. (Conversely, it could be that YOUR neighborhood HOA got replaced by the Horrible Organization for Awfulness... You get where we're going with this, right?)

I call this " HOPE - Some Assembly Required"

In the last month I finished the birth thingy for my neice, now I just have to get it to her. Preferably before her daughter's first birthday

Also got more done on Fractal
though it has been put aside a little as I work on the Halloween Cat for Carla and Leo's SAL, so much metallic, why do I do that to myself.

As for what I watched

Critical Role and Talks Machina

Battlestar Galactica E01-07  I remember watching this as a kid, in fact it was the first show I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime for. Good sci-fi was always very important in my family

The Defenders S01  - all of it, binge watched this as I had to, and it was good,

Shadowhunters S02 E11-13 They did a really good job on this series, it has gone way off the book but they have kept it really interesting.

Twister - This is the perfect disaster movie, It has a decent story, it has tension it has humor it has multiple Oscar winners and is just superior in all ways.  I also see-saw back and forth on whether this or Volcano is my favourite and I think this one edges it out, just,

Fantastic Voyage - 1960’s sci-fi about shrinking a team of doctors so they can enter a man’s bloodstream to operate on his brain from the inside.  Really well done, but the strange thing I noticed, there is no music until the enter the bloodstream, no music at all for the first half hour or so.

Finian’s Rainbow - Fred Astair’s last musical, while I utterly adore it, this is a really strange movie, it starts with a man stealing the leprechauns pot of gold and moves into sharecropping tobacco that won’t burn, racism and burning witches. And it’s a comedy.

Death Note - The Netflix movie - Based on the anime, but highly Americanized much to it’s detriment. It went from being a twisty noir thriller in the anime to a  teenage angst drama in the movie.

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  1. Lovely progress, I really like the fabric you chose for your cat :)