Sunday, 14 December 2014


I was supposed to finish two things by Friday, here it is Sunday and just finished Futurecast. I didn't seem to be that busy but first there was work and it’s winter so Mom and Dad are arranging their appointments on my days off so I can drive them, so more sitting in the car and less stitching. My tendency towards large project means that I never got in the habit of bringing it with me.
So here is Pitaya, all pink and sparkly, more so than the pattern called for,  I used a white krenick metallic for the tail, crest and crystal ball, and this cool black/silver krenick for the wings.  I also used some blending filament in the yellow area of the wings just to add a little extra shine. I even had a “what the hell was I thinking” moment when I decided that everyone uses beads where there is supposed to be French knots, so why don’t I do French knots (which may be colonial knots) instead of beads in the border.
 So now it will be back to Cindy, and I've only got backstitching left on the Cabin, so it should be finished by next week.

But I did get stuff watched.
Sleepy Hollow S02 E11-12 And I’ve caught up

Constantine S01 E03-06 And caught up here as well

America’s Next Top Model - S? E1-2This was a guilty pleasure obsession a few years ago and then it got a little to campy and too many sob stories, so I gave up on it.  But now that I have the fancy PVR I decided to record the season and watch again.

The Kittens of Oz - soooooooo cute. And they are getting big. And playful

The Librarians S01 E01-02 I’ve really been looking forward to this one, since it’s a TNT show a channel we don’t get here, I thought I’d have to download it. But a chance remark led me to check not 10 minutes before it started and low and behold, the Space channel was carrying it, lucky me.

Mockingjay Part 1 These follow the books surprisingly well, which of course
means it’s massively depressing, in a good way.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Can’t have Christmas without it. Cause Bumbles Bounce

Exodus: Gods and Kings - Great special effect, but in no way convinced me to enjoy Christian Bale as an actor, however it was much better that last years Noah, but didn’t have the heart of Prince of Egypt. Also they criminally underused Ben Kingsly.


  1. Oh...Pinyata (that was her name, wasn't it?) looks sooo pretty with all the pink and sparkle and beads! Congrats on your courageous decision to do all those whatever-knots :D

    I hope we'll get to catch Mockingjay before theaters stop showing it...with Felix' current workload, it won't happen for at least another week or two though.

    1. There's too many movies coming up that I want to see, the theatre is going to love me.

  2. Pinyata is beautiful and I love the bright colors in her!

    I had to laugh at "Great special effect, but in no way convinced me to enjoy Christian Bale as an actor" - because I have a big ol' dislike of Christian Bale that my friends find baffling. I just can't stand him. My best friend and I are going to go to dinner and get good and sauced and will go see Exodus to make fun of it (her partner is a movie theatre manager, so we see movies for free when I visit).

    1. I used to have a friend that worked at our theatre, so I fully understand the I'll watch anything if it's free thing. I saw Exodus at the matinee, which uses cheap night pricing so I didn't overpay for it anyway.
      Thank you.

  3. Congrats on a gorgeous finish! I enjoyed Mockingjay as well and can't wait for Part 2! Sleepy Hollow is also one of my favorite shows but I'm still a bit behind (Ep. 8) but I'm catching up too :)

    1. I've quite enjoyed Sleepy Hollow, I was never a fan of Orlando Jones before this, but he's kind of awesome in it.

  4. What a beautiful finish...yes I will say it again and seriously you only have backstitching to do on the cabin? Still a TW finish happened and BEAUTIFULLY regardless of your knots, it's so sparkly and pretty and sparkly!

    The Librarians...I'm totally hooked reminds me just a tiny bit of Dr. Who...but only a little :D

    1. Yeah I'm loving the Librarians, and not just because of Kane, though it doesn't hurt that he's there.