Friday, 18 July 2014

Bad Weekend for an Anti-Social Introvert & IHSW

Well anti-social might be pushing it, but definatly an introvert. remember  I said that my nephew and his friend are visiting, well now it turns out that my cousin and his kids are coming up for the weekend, Which means in addition to Mom, Dad, and I, we will have one extra adult, two sixteen year olds, two 13 year olds, and one baby.By the time this is over I'm going to need a day completely to myself,  which may mean a trip to Kelowna, where  a Micheal's lives, with birthday coupon in hand, there goes my SFS budget.
It's also IHSW hope I at least get something done.

I didn't actually stitch much at all this week, in fact I didn't even do enough on the cabin for a progress shot.  Cindy however did get in a few hours.
As for what I watched, it's simple this week
Tour  De France - They are in the Alps now, I love watching this race
From today's stage

This is the Col Du Tourmalet in the Pyrenees Mountains, they will be racing on this road next week, I always see this and really really really want to drive that road.
Witches of Eastend, S01 E01-E08 This showed up on Netflix so I decided to binge watch it again before getting to season 2


  1. I think I wouldn't enjoy that much company as well...I hope you'll still make it through the weekend alright and make some more lovely progress :D

  2. The funny thing is, I go in dreading that many people around, but then they are there, and all the teenagers keep each other occupied and on their own, and this is on of my favorite cousins, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy his company. Still going to need that quiet day though.

  3. If you see a road you want to drive should!! I have resisted Witches of Eastend because I still have other things going....but you are on to season two almost and I'm thinking.....hmmmm.

    Cindy looks fabulous!! Seems like this page you are on is going really could just be me, but it seems to be moving aright along!

    1. Witches is a short seasoned show, just 10 eps I think, so it's easy to get into.
      And yeah this page is going like mad, except this weekend, when I did nothing.