Friday, 25 July 2014

July SFS and Sundry

I had the thought originally that I would use July as my skip month for SFS and buy myself some fabric for my birthday, but then the invasion of company happened, and buying did not.  As a result I actually have another $0 total for the month.  Maybe I'll skip August and have some fun.
The massive amount of people in my house also curtailed IHSW, but it was the weekend for company with the hangout gals and none of us were really free. So it was the least productive IHSW since I started.
On the other hand I the company thing worked out better than I thought it would, the older teenagers were fascinating to the younger teenagers so they were all kept occupied, and the younger teenagers enjoy taking care of their baby brother so baby was occupied as well, which left me more time to visit with one of my favorite cousins. Also he baked bread for me, and we had a grand time cooking fajitas for the hungry hoards That being said I'm sure enjoying the quiet with only the two older boys still here. But I'll still take that alone day sometime next month and find a nice birthday present for myself.
Didn't get much stitching done this week, but there is progress on the cabin
And Cindy got a small amount of work done 
And what did I watch---- more than I thought I would

Tour De France - Almost over, only two days to go

Teen Wolf  S04 EP03-04

American Ninja Warrior  S? EP? - Caught this by accident and it was a lot of fun, recording the series now and will catch up after the race is over
Commonwealth Games.  It’s a sporty summer, but coverage sucks, only an hour recap at midnight.  Opening Ceremonies were awesome though
Rise of The Planet of the Apes.  My nephew wanted me to take him to the new one in theatres, so I had to watch this one first.  Really good
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - Also really good. I grew up on the original Planet of the Apes movies, and the Burton one was kind of bad, so I resisted seeing Rise, glad my nephew talked me into it.


  1. Wow, with all that stuff going on I'm amazed you got any stitching done at all! I really love that you had quality time with your family. Bet Mom and Dad loved it as well since they are social butterflies :D

    1. Mom especially, she has a very small family and Matt is her only nephew, so she's always thrilled to have him visit.