Friday, 1 August 2014

Alone at last, sorta

It's official, all of my company have left, however it's hot out, so now Mom and Dad have stolen my watching room with the new TV because that room is cooler, and I'm still in the computer room with the slowly dying computer. The poor old thing does not like watching live feed on You Tube and keeps crashing, I've had to bring in my baby laptop and watch on there instead.
Other than having to work 6 days this week due to someone calling in sick, it's been an uneventful week. But next week should be wonderful chaos as it is GISHWHES week, Carla and I and the rest of the team of 15 with be getting our creative juices flowing as we do wild and wonderful things while breaking world records.  The list comes down tomorrow and I can't wait to see what we have to do.
With a quieter house stitching was possible; now my back up project usually gets ignored when Jeopardy is in reruns, but Mom found a cake show that we both like so Cabin has had some work done.

And I've been working on Cindy while watching the games .

Detail shot of the ridiculously pretty shawl
She seems to be going so fast with this page, and that shawl is so amazingly pretty, I love the way Teresa uses colours.

And I've been watching stuff now that the house is empty(ish) again

The Tour De France - and it’s over for another year.

Witches of Eastend S01 E09-10 S02 E01-04

Lucy - ……….. Well that was strange. Kind of like a strange cross of the Matrix and Akira in the style of Push. It was good, but I haven’t decided I liked it, ask me in a year or two.

Amazing Cakes. - I am not worthy

Most amusing finish ever.
Commonwealth Games - Found them live on You Tube, my sport obsession can continue

Robothech: The Sentinels - I HAVE MY TV ROOM BACK!!!!!! --- or not.

American Ninja Warrior - yeah, this might be a new obsession


  1. You are right!! The shawl is pretty (ridiculously so), the cabin looks awesome and you...wait, here you are wrong! you ARE worthy of cake decorating! You just need your own special space with proper equipment :D

  2. I think your last entry was another one that I missed due to all that busy stuff going on, sorry for that :/

    But you're right, you seem to be flying throught this page of Cindy; her shawl is so very awesome and I can't wait to see the rest of her dress ^_^

  3. I love Cindy's shawl as well and she does seem to get some amazing color combos doesn't she? It's always good when it seems like you're getting through a section quickly and not laboring over it. Or at least I think so. ^_^