Friday, 22 August 2014

August SFS and Vacation

So hell week at work that was more like hell month, is finally over, and my vacation begins.  Some good things came out of the insanity of the last month,  I got lots of overtime which will make up for the week off I've got now.  I finally figured out how to work with my new boss without going nuts.  it usually doesn't take me this long to figure people out, but after two weeks of working with only him it clicked and I know that while he will no doubt annoy me at times, I can happily work with him now.  Also we have a replacement for old new guy, two girls this time and they both seem competent. and I get to joke that they needed two people to replace me while I'm on holidays.
So expect to see lots of stitching from me this week as my plans include that and waterfalls, and that's it.

For SFS I made a Micheals run and picked up some needed things. And then, yes damn it, I bought a patter, it's Facebook's fault for having cross stitching groups and showing me pretty things.  And this was music, and Twelfth Night, I couldn't resist, and in all honesty I have no idea what size it is yet. Also thanks to Leonore who found where I could buy it.
So my total was
Floss $3.50
Needles $3.14
Stickers $3.14
Pattern $5.65
 Total $15.43

No work was done on the Cabin, but Cindy saw some, I'm getting a lot of colour on the dress now.

As for what I watched.
Robotech: the Masters E14-24.  This is my least favorite of the Robotech series but still enjoyable, kind of slept through a couple though.

Outlander E02 - Still enjoying this, hope it remains well done.

Witches of East End S02-E06
Teen Wolf  S04 - E07 to 09  Finally caught up again.

Downton Abbey, S01-E01 Everyone I know loves this, so I had to give it a try, I love British shows and this is no exception 


  1. Congratulations on figuring out the boss! Cindy is looking even more gorgeous than ever!

  2. Cindy is getting more beautiful with every post, I can't wait to see lots and lots of progress on her during your glorious vacation.

    You also did well on your SFS, with the bonus this month you won't even have to log anything! (and I thing you wouldn't need to log those needles anyway, they are on the exeption-list ^_^)