Saturday, 16 August 2014

So much for routine

First is was the home invasion of relatives, then Gishwhes and just when I though I could get back to normal hell week at work happened. Now part of it we knew about in advance, it's August, it's busy, we have 3 people plus a new guy that's still training when we need about 4 full time this time of year.  So one of the three was going on a two week vacation, we knew that, hence the new guy, but then new guy quit. ACK that means two of us for two weeks, and then just to make things more interesting, the third guy bashed his knee open and has to take 4 days off,  leaving, you guessed it, me. It got sorted out, vacation started a day late, old boss was brought in for a day and I got overtime, but it didn't make for a calm week, naps were needed, so stitching was once again on hold. Next week should be mildly calmer, though I'm getting more overtime. and the week after - VACATION.  Staycation really, plan on seeing a lot of stitching from me that week, and maybe even waterfalls.
Did get some done though, here's the cabin
And look, Cindy has hair, even did some of the one over one stitches, just because I never have before and wanted to try it, it will help me decide on fabric for later projects. Going to leave the rest for the end though.
What I watched was this.
Robotech : The Masters E07 - 13

Into the Storm - I’m mentioned my thing about disaster movies, right? I go without even paying attention to who’s in it. So I got a lovely Richard Armitage surprise,  Thing got destroyed and the hero was hot. What else can I ask for.

Outlander - E01 - TV series based on a paranormalish historical romance book that I haven’t read, but several friends recommended the show so I tried it, and enjoyed.

Witches of East End - S02 E05 They let Jenna Dewan Tatum dance in this one.

Bend it Like Beckham - And finally the return of the Movie Project, and even on my nice new pretty TV and what a way to restart this movie is brilliant, one of my all time favorites. 


  1. Phew, your work sounds really stressful at the moment, I'm cheering for you to geht through one more week and can't wait to see all the stitching that will happen afterwards ^_^ This Page on Cindy is a most interesting one I think, with her hair and dress and everthing happening, it's lookinf beutiful so far.

    I'd really like to watch Outlander, as I enjoyed the books (well, the first...six I think, haven't read the two newest ones yet), but for the moment I don't know where to get it from sou I'll just follow you'r reviews :D

    1. I'm enjoying the show, so I'll probably pick up the books at some point.

  2. Looking good. Never heard of Outlander but I might check it out at some point. :)