Friday, 4 July 2014

It's Getting Hot Out There

To start, I hate heat, and it tends to make me cranky, and I work in a bakery in front of an oven, not a good spot to be this time of year.  What this leads to is a very frustrating week of work (for more reasons than the heat, just understand it was a bad week for me) that ended up leaving me in tears and thinking I don't need this job I should just quit.  Of course I do need the job so quitting didn't actually happen, but I felt better after having the thought, and a good cry.  After that the week got better and I got sort of more used to the heat, though I am still frustrated, nothing much I can do about it without shooting myself in the foot
On the other hand I did get a lot of stitching done, especially on Cindy, don't know what it was, but man it went well. Which is good since I'll probably slow to a screeching halt starting tomorrow.  That's right, it's the start of the Tour de France which I love to watch, it started because of the scenery, but now I love the competition as well.  Usually the places I want to travel to most are Antarctic, Ireland and Iceland, but for the next month it will be France, as I watch the race I just want to drive those roads, it looks like such fun.
I also got started on the Cabin, not much done, but it is a start.

And Cindy, well she just flowed

As for what I watched

Robotech: The Macross Saga E26-E36. That ends the Macross Saga, still as good as I remember Also started watching the extras that came with it.

Teen Wolf S04-E02

Merlin S05 E01- E07 On to the final season

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - I loved it as much as the first, which is lots and lots.  Though I never have figured out why the Viking have Scottish accents.

Batman: Under the Red Hood - This is a movie from the masterpiece animated series, I bought it sight unseen since it had Jensen Ackles as the voice of the Red
Hood, and it was Batman, that was good enough for me.

Batman: The Animated Series - Robin’s Reckoning.  The box of Under the Red Hood said it included a couple eps of the series, imagine my delight when it was these eps.  My favorite ones of the series.

Beauty Shop  - This one is worth it for Kevin Bacon alone, but it would
still be a fun movie without him.


  1. Your stitching looks great!

  2. I cannot wait to talk to you on Sunday if you have time let's do hang out in the afternoon!

    1. Good idea, I shall be there,

    2. I shall be there as well, let's say about 1:00pm?

  3. Oh my, I already hate the heat when I have to sit in front of my laptop all day, can't imagine how much worse it is in a bakery. Good thing at least you're not in a really hot place to begin with. Hang in there!

    Cindy is coming along so very well as I already said, you can really make out the girl herself now - and I can't wait to get to the cinema for How to tame your dragon, I loves the first one.