Friday, 27 June 2014

June SFS

I enjoyed the $0 last month so much that I was going to be good, not even take advantage of the bonus but then Krystal lets the gang know that she found Disney Kinkade kits at an amazing price, and would we like them. Well of course my response was "If there's a Lion King on, then hell yes!!!!" So there went my $0

Which means my spending for June is $15.11,

I thought since I had less hours at work this week I would get more stitching time, didn't really work out that way. Some company arrived, so I had to be social.  Also our town's main phone company is switching over to fiber optic so we had techs around switching out our internet, and then they had this deal to that if we switched to there TV service, we would get a free PVR for each TV.  as we didn't have any sort of PVR before, we jumped at the deal.  Also looks like we may get another free gift for bundling everything together.  more on that if it happens.

Three of the Safeway Grads
 And look!!!! Tardis Dress!!!!
Also Thursday was Grad for our town, and it's a longstanding tradition that all the grads get dressed in all their finery and get a group photo down at the lake.  So for around two hours all the pretty dresses are on display, and I love it. I love looking at the dresses, so I appointed myself official photographer of our store, and go take pics of all the stores graduates that I can find.  It's really just an excuse to go down without looking like a creepy person.

So Cindy did get some work done, also, after much thought I figured out how to make her more portable so now that I'm down to two projects I'll be able to get more done on her.

And since I finally finished everything else last week, I'm just getting ready to start this kit that my brother gave me for Christmas several years ago. There's a lot of half stitch in this, so it shouldn't take too long.

As for what I watched this week:
Robotech: The Macross Saga E17-25

Teen Wolf - E04-E01 The new season begins.

Random TableTop Episodes - Cause I was in the mood to rewatch them.
Tiger Eyes - From the Judy Blume book, that I read and read and read again, and this is a decent adaptation, makes me want to read it again, it’s been about 20 years since the last time.

The Dark Knight -  Despite Aaron Eckhart and the brilliant Heath Ledger, this is my least favorite of the three Nolan Batman movies. That’s not to say it’s not amazing, I just prefer the other two.

The Dark Knight Rises - Man, I forgot how good this one is.  This is the first time I’ve watched the trilogy at once, and wow is it amazing. But this one, this one rises above the others Bane was done perfectly. A movie is only as good as its villain, something that was proven in all three. Catwoman  was a bit superfluous  but still well done, and I love the nod to Nightwing, my all time favorite comic book character of any company. Nolan made the movies feel like the comics, it’s a hard thing to do without getting corny or over the top, He made the necessary changes to make it work as a film, without compromising the basic character of the people. I mean, Wow, just wow.


  1. I'm wondering if you and I should save our Lion Kings and start them at the same time? A fun competition if you will :D

    LOOK AT CINDY!! Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's going fast, but then I correct myself with the time line but then it still seems really I'm confused!

    1. I figure it's going at the end of the BAP list, so if you can wait 5 years or talk me into starting it sooner, that would be awesome
      As for Cindy, this page does seem to be going faster, maybe it just feels that way since I decided to do one colour at a time for the whole page and therefore it's covering more space.

  2. I love those dressed and what a nice tradition for your town to have. :) Glad I could help you out with the kit and thus the spending of your budget. ;) I know, I'm evil but I'm really glad you got it okay.

  3. I can't wait for all of us to start our Lion Kings, I'm fine with waiting however long I guess, it's not that I have no other Disney kits to work on :D

    1. My stash tells me I have to wait a bit, but we'll see how long that idea lasts.